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Congratulations team, we did it! This weekend we tricked Louis Tomlinson into looking at a rainbow and now, whether he likes it or not, he’s officially gay forever.

Well done everyone, we’ve finally forced him into queerness! I’ve dreamed of this day for such a long time, but I wasnt sure we were ever going to get here. A big thank you to everyone who has been trying for months to get Louis to look at 7 colours of the spectrum simultaneously, all of your hard work has finally paid off. I’m so proud of all of you!


hetalia countries + largest cities (click for higher resolution)
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i was doing bunch of borderlands 2 (+ tps) sketches trying to figure out how the female characters’ faces work, and i thought i’d post all of the sketches once i’m finished but….. i couldn’t wait, please look at this tiny tina i drew, she’s my fav

*loves the Fic to the point of animating scenes from it*

The most popular tumblr post I have ever made (or probably ever will make) is about Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. It currently has 37944 notes.

This post about Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 accounts for 34% of the total 113177 notes I have received since 2012.

My average number of notes per post before Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 was 59.9. Now after my post about Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 the average number of notes per post is 90.1

This is a graph of the history of my blog which once saw some success with a unikitty gif set. The success of that post pales in comparison to Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


Since I started typing this 220 more people reblogged my post about Paul Blart: Map Cop 2

This is not what I wanted. This is now how I want to be remembered.

I'm considering co-producing a fan-made Black Widow movie

But unlike becomingahero-official , starting a gofundme or indigogo. I realize that it’s a lot more work, and the team we would need would need to be huge, but it’s very very tempting.

It would probably be a short film, something a little more than an hour in total, or even perhaps a 3 part mini series?
I know there’s a lot of fans who want this as much as I do, and since I have the means, I’m considering it if the money is there.


I would need a lot of people: writers, pa’s, graphic designers, social media coordinators etc.

i have thought this exact thought about so many burgers before. legit there is a burger i ate like three years ago that i still think about and sort of hum mariah carey and boyz II men’s “one sweet day” about…

“Even when we are apart we are linked by our promise”

Lyredy week is here! ahhh i’ve been so excited for this week to come <3 I love this crack ship so much, I couldn’t think of what to do for this prompt until this came in my head a few days ago, hehe.

Lyon’s head looks weird but I like his hair l’D I drew it pretty good for once :D they have matching sensory link bracelets <3

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So Les Mis London was amazing and I sat next to a lovely couple from Oregon and a young guy recording an audio bootleg (Godspeed sir), and Dabid Thaxton is in a league of his own and Carrie was a great Eponine. I’m head over heels for Christopher Edwards who played Grantaire, and I got to stage door, and I have so much to say but I’ve only got like twenty minutes of wifi left so more to come tomorrow!!

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I feel like I'm the only one who is happy that Tom isn't part of the whole Avengers 2 craziness, and most likely won't attend any premieres. I want him to distance himself from Loki, because that's all a lot of people see him as. So distance from it before Thor 3. Get other things going and hopefully people to actually take their Loki glasses off.

I personally wouldn’t mind it if he made an appearance at one of the premieres, or if he were to take up his role as Loki again in Thor 3. A big movie franchise like Marvel comes with a huge promo circus, which always gives great material for the fans (and I’m always up for new pictures/videos haha!)

But I definitely understand and also agree with your opinion, people do still see him as Loki, and he’s so much more than that! So I do hope that during the rest of his career he won’t continuously be linked to Loki, but he’s going to do some big movies before that happens (maybe Crimson Peak and The Night Manager will get him known to a totally different kind of public, fingers crossed!)