Since it’s getting warmer we’ll be heading out a lot more often that means its time to polish up her harnessed flight recall and control!


My background makes mages nervous, and nervous mages makes me nervous. I don’t want to be a toad; I like who I am.




My husband bought me this today, to cheer me up. Oh my, it’s so beautiful.

 The soundtrack covers all three series of Sherlock . This also includes a beautiful print of the front cover which is limited to the first 1,000 copies of the vinyl issue.

I know if I ever get to meet Benedict Cumberbatch and I’m going try and get it signed.

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Imagine Steve and the rest of the avengers in the Game of Thrones universe

“Wait, who’s that, m’lady?”

Natasha smiles and takes another sip of wine. “I believe it’s Steve Waters, the Baratheon bastard. You really ought to pay more attention, Ser Clint–he’s been the talk of King’s Landing, what with his tragic quest and all that.”

“Tragic quest?” 

“He’s come to ask a request of the king–something about leading a force to the Night’s Watch to find the missing Stark bastard–Bucky, I think? He’s downright obsessed, won’t take no for an answer.”

“Strange,” Clint says, vaguely curious. “Think he’ll find anything?”

“Well, he’ll find something, I think.”

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12 months is a long ass time and i only have one selfie angle: things i discover while cleansing my phone of photos (april 2014 - april 2015) 

When the really terrible things happen, we start begging a god we don’t believe in to bring back the little horrors and take away this. It seems quaint now, doesn’t it? The flood in the kitchen, the poison oak, the fight that leaves you shaking with rage. Would it have helped if we could see what else was coming? Would we have known that those were the best moments of our lives?
—  Grey’s Anatomy
On Solas and Invisible Character Development

A lot of Solas posts on my dash, so I’ve been thinking about stuff. (By which I mean: here is my admittedly biased and personal take on Solas and his character over the course of the game.)

Mostly it’s about how well Bioware played his entire character, in terms of replayability, because the stinger scene forces us to re-evaluate his entire character from the perspective of this new information, so if you went in blind on your first playthrough, the second playthrough can be a different experience. 

I know it was true for me, because while on my first playthrough I was convinced that Solas was hiding something, I assumed it would be revealed at some point (during a personal quest, or when his approval was high enough). Even once we reached the end and he skedaddled, I was still utterly convinced something was going to be revealed, though I definitely did not expect that.

So in my second playthrough, I paid attention to Solas in a completely different way. I was still filling in blanks, but now I had more information and a vague idea of what those blanks were. And not only were hints and details that I found suspicious in my first playthrough being seen in a new light, but even things I hadn’t even suspected were important were all of a sudden taking an entirely new dimension!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of Solas’s character, and the secrets he keeps, his character development is something we largely need to infer. 

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