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I happened to catch Haruna’s birthday was May 24th while looking up some things, and that was all the excuse I needed to draw this cutie!
Happy birthday ya big dork~! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Blackrock collab with the amazing Bashcat99!

I sketched the left and she sketched the right; then I did the lineart and colored the right, and she did the left. It turned out absolutely beautiful.

It was so much fun working with someone else, especially someone as talented and precise as her. Look at her super-neat lines and gradient shading omg.

Go follow her and all her incredible art and fics. Friendship promotion.


Ered Luin/Beginnings: that one moment

For FiKi week, day 1

Apparently, I’m still not used to the idea of weeks starting on Sunday, so I thought I had one more day to get this out and into shape :D It’s been in my head for over a month, here it is for what it’s worth - my first FiKi :)

That summer was the hottest one any of the dwarves of Ered Luin could remember.

The heat was unrelenting, all-encompassing, and the occasional late-afternoon thunderstorm did nothing to disperse it; the heat sprung back right after, moist and heavy and oppressive.

That summer, Kili reached adulthood and their mother took their father’s twin axes out of the chest in the parlor and handed one to each of them. Fili couldn’t fail noticing the way Kili ran his fingers over the bound leather of the long handle, eyes subdued and drawn inward, which was rare for his always outgoing and upbeat brother.

They gave the axes a proper workout under Dwalin’s stern guidance and supervision that summer. Sweat ran down their backs under tunics and armor as they swung their weapons, but Fili noticed that Kili didn’t hit the practice targets as hard as usual, and he suspected him of trying to spare the inherited weapon any unnecessary damage. Fili didn’t blame him. They didn’t have much left that had belonged to their father, and Kili didn’t even have the sparse, random memories of a deep voice, blue eyes and a blond braided beard that Fili did possess.

That summer, Fili realized that on those afternoons when he and Kili worked with their long-range weapons  – Kili’s bow and Fili’s throwing axes – he didn’t aim quite so well once Kili inevitably pulled his sweat-soaked tunic over his head and off. The clear droplets of moisture running down Kili’s spine were ridiculously distracting to Fili. He wanted to run his fingers through them and over the bumps of Kili’s vertebrae, up between the muscled shoulders, back down…

It was lucky that they were usually alone in this part of the training field: by this point in the day, most dwarves were intent on seeking the coolest caverns and deepest corners of their dwellings to find some relief from the sun.

And so when Fili looked up from staring where he probably shouldn’t have been staring (not with that intensity, anyway) and found himself caught by the intense look in Kili’s brown eyes, there were no witnesses to the frightened and hopeful pounding of Fili’s heart, to the long moment that hung suspended between the two of them, to the tiny smile that upturned Kili’s lips, to the unsteady sigh that Fili released when Kili cupped his cheek with his hand and kissed him.

It was not that summer that Fili had fallen in love; he knew now that he had been in love for some time.

That summer, he finally knew what it was he was feeling.

That summer, he found that his love was returned.