No need to fear, for I am here! However, if you’re prone to tripping it might be wise for you to not come near me— but I am not wearing any train dresses or suits, so maybe the odds are ever in your favor. 

I declare war against you.

A mix for Nano physically and emotionally destroying Hat Films while making them thank her for it.

i. Rosebay Rhododendron (Blank Space / Taylor Swift) ii. Love-lies-bleeding (Sun Hands / Local Natives) iii. Birdsfoot Trefoil (One Yesterday feat. Foxes / Fall Out Boy) iv. Snowball (You feat. Sir Terry Pratchett / Steeleye Span) v. Yarrow (Power and Control / Marina and the Diamonds) vi. Dogsbane (Conquest / The White Stripes) vii. Morning Glory (Heavy in Your Arms / Florence + the Machine) viii. Rose of Sharon (Take Me To Church (cover) / Ed Sheeran) ix. Peony (Hatefuck / The Bravery) x. Tuberose (Protege Moi / Placebo) xi. Rue (I Kiss the Hand of my Destroyer / Chinawoman) xii. Cypress (My Best Dress / Florence and the Machine)



THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | bleedingwinchesters vs. orgasmicsam
round 5 | season 5 + favourite relationship 
| the winchester brothers

I’ve been tagged a couple times in that “put your ipod on shuffle and list the first ten songs” and I thought I’d illustrate why this is a terrible idea and why I was never allowed to choose the music for roadtrips.

  1. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Sound of Music)
  2. Me and Mrs. Jones (Michael Buble)
  3. The Girl You Left Behind (Fievel Goes West)
  4. I’ll Stand by You (Glee)
  5. I Can’t Stay Away (The Veronicas)
  6. Seld Unsa Zum Zweiten Mal Wikommen (Die Zauberflote)
  7. Deuteronomy 2:10 (Mountain Goats)
  8. Your Misfortune (Mike Doughty)
  9. The Beast (Audra)
  10. An Irish Party in Third Class (Titanic)

I challenge you to find a more haphazard compilation of music than that.


Elizabeth Webber | Friendships.
To my dearest, starrylilac♥. I adore you. Happy Birthday, thank you for all you do for me. You are absolutely amazing, and I hope you have a beautiful day.

rarityismywaifu asked:

I would pay money to watch a stream of you playing some horror games!! The commentary alone would be epic.

The thing is, though, that I’d have to actually have games to play, which I am direly short of (I have a whopping three games that would qualify as horror…maybe four), and couldn’t afford.  I also wouldn’t know the first thing about how to set up recording in order to capture both the game, and my voice (nor could I afford anything for that purpose).  And I definitely wouldn’t know how to record anything played on a console so that I could edit it on the computer (nor do I have or know how to use any editing programs besides Windows Movie Maker, which will no longer run properly on this computer).  Plus there’s the matter of not owning a PS4, Xbox One, or anything capable of running any new gen games (plus Steam still doesn’t run anymore on this computer either).

If anything, though, I think it’d be more fun to comment on old 50’s educational film reels.  I have my doubts that anyone would want to listen to me talking for more than the length of an antiquated PSA.

anonymous asked:

What made you want to become a nurse?

well, it’s a combination of things:

  • a lot of my life has been dedicated to service. i’m the type of person who can’t say no to others and can’t bear seeing others in pain. caring for others just seems right.
  • some of my family members were in and out of the hospitals while i was growing up. seeing the nurses care for them made me want to do the same when i grew up. i want to make others happy, especially at such a vulnerable time in their lives.
  • when i was around nine or ten, i got sick - nothing too severe, but the condition never went away. there’s no cure for it, but it’s not exactly life-threatening. this is how i started to consider pediatrics. being in the hospital at such a young age would be terrifying. people would throw strange words at you, words you couldn’t understand. i want to be able to ease their fears and try to normalize the situation. i want these kids to know that they’re not their diagnosis. i want to help them know that they can still be children.

Clarke’s world was a swirl of red.

It seemed to be the only constant in an ever-changing life, whether it be the strange, wilting flowers that bloomed in the spring outside Camp Jaha, or the beckoning of blood that stained her pale hands evermore. It never washed away, either, no matter how hard she’d scrub and scrub and scrub, she remained dirtied by the mouth of war.

Sometime after the defeat of Mount Weather, she’d met a girl with red eyes. If she didn’t stare, spoke to her without truly seeing, she could pretend that she was fine, and that her eyes didn’t unnerve her, an innocent conversation.

When she looked back, she could see the red, and taste in the back of her throat the hot, thick blood as it began trickling into her stomach, and she could look no more.

She began to see red differently, however, the first time Bellamy had kissed her.

It was, as with everything on the ground, without patience, or structure. They’d been arguing, she knew, when suddenly there was only him, crowding her body with rough hands that felt clean, and with heat on his lips that burned.

And he’d pulled away, stuttering out an apology with lips bruised red, and she’d wasted no time in pulling him back to her, swallowing the words and claiming the red of his lips.

Things had moved quickly between them, and neither of them regretted a second of it. They’d barley made it back to his tent, before they were tearing away offending clothes and delving into the secrets of each other’s bodies. And as Bellamy had settled between her legs and made her scream his name into the night, filling the empty sky with memories that blistered the mundane existence around them, Clarke had clutched to the red, pulling his head from between her legs so she could revel in the taste of him, and of herself on his lips.

As he had pushed into her, framing her face always to confirm her certainty in the situation, she’d ran her fingernails along his back, biting into the skin as the pleasure mingled with pain, and reaching down to connect their lips once again as delighted desire had consumed her body, hands fisted in unruly curls.

There had been blood under her fingernails, just a little, and at the sight it now seemingly seductive, she had been unable to keep the smile off her face.

The next day, Bellamy had smirked at the stumble in her step, hands confident and fingers bold as he whispered unto her body gentle caresses and promises that bit into the coldest regions of her heart labelled logic.

He’d stopped smiling, however, as a member one of the visiting tribes (friendlies) had attempted to seduce Clarke, biting on her bottom lip and keeping physical contact at all times, whether it be holding her shoulder, or brushing away non-existent specks of dirt.

Clarke had smiled at the woman, but otherwise hadn’t reciprocated her actions, though still enjoying the way Bellamy’s features had darkened considerably, a furious blush leading an enticing path down his thin shirt.

Unable to resist herself, she’d leaned over to whisper something in the woman’s ear, (Lexa, she’d said her name was) which had been along the lines of: ‘You’re awesome, but I have something of a boyfriend watching, and he’s getting jealous and it’s really funny so could you help? Also, there’s a mechanic here I have to introduce you to.’ Lexa had looked slightly disappointed, though the smirk that toyed with her lips had shown her willingness to help.

After Clarke had introduced Lexa to Raven, she’d been gladly pulled into the alluring darkness of Bellamy’s tent, whereas she’d ended up straddling him as he sat, sucking a hickey onto her neck.

She would’ve complained, had it not felt so fucking good.

The next day, Bellamy had hugged Clarkes body to him, her neck sporting the fruits of his labour and his hands a possessive grip on her hips, to which she’d rolled her eyes and shoved him off, intending to find Lexa to say goodbye before she left.

Bellamy had tugged her back gently, leaning down to whisper the words that left her grinning until her lips seemed to ache.

“You look good in red.”