This is the result of listening to “The Horror of our Love” by Ludo on repeat. The song seriously speaks to me as a submissive(someone loving someone THAT MUCH is so weirdly romantic to me),and it’s SO FUCKING SEXY.(yes,I’m a twisted fuck as well) These are some selfies I felt like taking after it!
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“‘Cause baby now we got bad blood,
you know it used to be mad love.
So take a look [at] what you’ve done
'cause baby now we got bad blood.” - Taylor Swift, Bad Blood.

Feet pounding the pavement, pounding the grass, pounding the mud, pounding the field, feet to the floor as hard as he could press them down. And maybe if he ran hard enough his feet would leave the ground long enough for him to find the sky instead of the dirt, but azure blue’s were for Miyuki and not him.

Kuramochi’s place was the ground, dark greens and browns, that earthly smell clung to his skin. And all he smelt against Miyuki’s skin was the sun and wink that he beat against the other’s body, feathers picked up in the breeze.

He’d growl, bare his teeth and dig his fingers into the other’s flesh, but Miyuki would only smirk. That haughty look, straight down his nose and at the end was Kuramochi just waiting to bite it off.

If Miyuki bled it was onto Kuramochi’s skin, and it just made him look more like a predator. Knuckles bruised and open, blood stained concrete wall, it was nothing like the flesh, blood and bone that he wanted to feel beneath his fist.

“What’s that about?” Miyuki asked flatly, one brow arched as he looked down at Kuramochi.

The way you make me feel makes me want to tear you apart whilst I stick my tongue down your throat.

“Just feeling a little fucked up,” Kuramochi said, chest heaving from the way he was trying not to confess to the other.

“Because that’s a normal reaction to emotions,” Miyuki said.

“At least I don’t pretend that I don’t have them, robot,” Kuramochi spat back, squaring up to Miyuki.

Of course Miyuki was taller than him, everything in this world was designed to have him climbing from the bottom towards the other. Miyuki looked away, out on the field where Sawamura was still running.

“You know Kura, it’s easier to climb to the top from the bottom, than it is to fall from the halfway point and start again,” he muttered and Kuramochi couldn’t stand the way his hand fisted and shook.

“Kaz,” Kuramochi called soft and stepped toward the other, he stumbled on the edge of the path and tripped, slamming his body against Miyuki’s side. Fingers caught in Miyuki shirt and Miyuki’s hands on his biceps, holding him in place and looking down at Kuramochi.

“Yes,” Miyuki said and the word was so brittle that Kuramochi couldn’t help but dig his fingers in harder and drag the other down to his level to swipe his tongue across the seam of Miyuki’s lips.

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Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on new people. Try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think!
 Pick your artist: B1A4

what is your gender: You Are My Girl

describe yourself: Angel Eyes

how do you feel: Lonely

describe where you currently live:  So Fine

if you could go anywhere, where would you go: In The Wind

your favourite form of transportation: Drive

your best friend is: Bling Girl

you and your best friends are: Too Much

favourite time of day: Wonderful Tonight

if your life was a tv show, what would the title be: What’s Happening?

what is life to you: Drunk With Music

your relationship: Solo Day

your fear: Empty Mind

(listen to their entire discography for good vibes tbh)

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I feel like grey’s got lazy, why are we repeating songs so much? There is plenty of new music out there to pick from!