theme rec/masterpost pt.i

i have this massive load of different .txt documents of thememakers and themes and every time i find a new theme maker, i save their url on a document ready for the next time i feel like changing my theme. and i change my theme way too often, probably once every two months or so. so i thought i might as well make a post online where i can group all the amazing theme makers i’ve come across together and idk maybe someone can find a new theme from it idk idk idk i’m rambling too much.

a–d: cleamour / cloudplays / crimical / demigodish / dracares.

e–i: gnny / haffalump / hollywhood / holycastiels / imeginedregons / inspiredbylou.

j–m: kingschultzies / lostmemento / lutherwest / mumfordandsons.

n–p: nicogasms / nunmuri / ofirises / pohroro.

q–z:rosefeather / theonstoy / torchno / vaudes / whiteskmo.

need to revert back to an old version of your theme? use this.

Blog Construction

  • New icons made (that happened yesterday) 
  • Added a ‘Current Status’ to Saikhan’s sidebar (He’s in a wheelchair atm and back to work because he’s an idiot’) 
  • Billy Player added, in the upper right hand corner of my sidebar image
  • Created new sidebar image, a bit better than the last one
  • Updated and revamped friends page
  • Created 'Watchlist' - basically an enemies page
  • revamped and updated a ‘Navigation’ page
  • Moved around links on main page, and removed a few
  • Revamped and added questions to FAQ
  • Finish About page/Revamp About page
  • Make post with the songs on Sai’s playlist on it
  • Revamp AU page (mess with colors and things)
  • Make Sidebar gif for AU page