Marauders Aesthetics: Sirius and Regulus

the fact that some girls can be even remotely against their own gender’s equality in society is embarrassing.


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David doing the sword catch from The Christmas Invasion (from the Doctor Who Confidential episode for Tooth and Claw)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article for DWM #365

For the shot of Billie throwing the sword to David, a fibreglass version is used.  “Okay,” she says, “so I’ve got to aim for his shoulder?”

On the take, she messes up her throw, and the sword hits the boom operator’s foot.  “I’m sorry!  I’m so sorry!” Billie cringes.  “That didn’t hurt, did it?”

For the reverse shot (David catching the sword), fight director Kevin McCurdy throws the real, heavier version instead.

"Love is a Battlefield" - The fight for canon Destiel


I’ve decided to post this before seeing Misha’s video out of Chicon because I think it’s important. I’ve seen two prospects for Misha’s open forum discussion on my dash so far: 1.) Either there is an inhouse fight involving the writers over the prospect of explicit romantic Destiel or 2.)There is a fight going on between Team Carver and the CW/WB over the prospect of explicit romantic Destiel. Chad Khen’s infamous 9x03 comments suggest one thing and season 8 suggests another. It is hard to tell which is the truth.

Because season 8 is so uniform I’m choosing to believe it is the latter. Either Chad is playing dumb to all this, or the push for “endgame hetero-lifemates" came from above his paygrade and he is unaware of everything. It is possible direct network interference is coming from somewhere on high and that Chad doesn’t even realize this is a thing because Carver has been explicitly directed not to send scripts in with certain "elements".

"Well I am allowed some leeway for executive decisions." - April to Cas, 9x03

The fourth wall hasn’t existed on Supernatural in a long time. Let’s face it. I believe the above line is one such case of this. Carver has most likely been directed to change the love narrative for his original design, but has been given some “leeway”. What does this even mean? How far is Carver “allowed to go” right now? Here is how the narrative between Dean/Cas was built last year:

Dean will ask Cas to stay with him under romantic desires.

That is it. That is the bare bones. This is easily redirected to familial desires. And Carver, I believe, is giving us a narrative to “buy him some time” to fight. Dean’s codependency has been interfering with his ability to have a meaningful romantic relationship with someone else his entire life (Lisa says this explicitly). And Dean’s codependency right now is in FULL FORCE. Narratively, this can explain why Dean has put Cas at somewhat of a distance as of 9x03 (disregarding the obvious situation with Ezekiel). I’m fairly confident that 9x07 will serve to illustrate this concept as well, showing us how this all came about. 9x02 presented a narrative prospect for Dean to be able to address love, 2 kinds of it, so it is possible Dean will be able to tell Cas he loves him and ask him to stay but that it will read as plausible deniability to some because of whoever at the network (or at the writers table) is having doubts.

What does all this mean for the future of the Dean/Cas love narrative?

"I guess that’s why we pray. We get dealt such a bad hand sometimes, you need something stronger than yourself."

"That’s a wonderful idea, but.."


What if you were to find out that no one is listening? That God had pretty much left, that Heaven had gone out of business? What would you do?”

"But that’s not possible.”

"I think it’s completely possible."

You’re missing the point. It’s not possible because I have my faith.

"But when I tell you the truth -"

You’re truth. Not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works. You know… I think you might feel better if you tried it my way. Someone is listening.

It means it is time to fight people. If you want canon instead of just fanon it is time to put on your fucking war paint and campaign like everything you believe Dean/Cas means to you is on the line.

Because it is.

I’m not talking about battling haters or flinging poo at them because they don’t understand how season 8 was written. "You are not crazy." Go ahead and put it out of your mind. This is about filling every comment section up in every article that discusses the prospect of Dean/Cas. This is about live tweeting your support every Tuesday to the network. This is about taking pen in hand and all your passion about the couple and sending a letter straight to the suits making the calls. Slap it on a scanner and send a copy to Carver for good measure. This is about us as shippers coming together because seeing Dean/Cas on our screens means something different to every single one of us. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT PERSONAL.

Because it is personal.

It is time to put everything you have into things like voting for Dean/Cas for best chemistry in the PCAs. Something like that isn’t some backlot slash poll for bragging rights. The PCAs is about putting Jensen and Misha up against Chuck and everyone on a televised award show and saying "There is a story here that is worth telling because it is a story about love".

We will probably never know the whole truth on this matter, where the conflict is coming from (there may actually be multiple sources). All you can do right now is make your voice heard and pray that it is enough. It is time to have some faith in Dean and Cas and support the writers who are fighting for this.

Hope for the best, but expect the worst. Be ready to go into this with both eyes open. Go ahead and accept that it may not be enough. Because it is the sad truth. Remember that canon Destiel isn’t the be all end all of this story. Fanon Destiel is beautiful. We made it that way. That can’t be taken away from us. It is impossible. For some it is enough, for others it is not. So if it is not… if you refuse to live in the dark recesses of fandom where slash ship fanon pairings never become canon, where some of us have been for years, then I urge you to stand with me. Fight for what you believe in. Dare to hope. Dare to hold on.

For the greatest love story ever told…

Eight’s TARDIS can display all sorts of things on the ceiling of its control room, and if you still don’t think it’s the best TARDIS ever, you’re wrong I kindly disagree with your opinion.

I’m pretty sure one of the first things he did once Charley was on board was to show her how the Earth looked like from space. [/headcanon]


“Um, you stuck up for me… thank you very much…” “…Ahh don’t worry about it. The truth is that I was just mad… but I do feel for you… so forget about it, because we’re enemies now.”

if you don’t think lisa was an important person to dean and saved his ass from going off the deep end in the year he didn’t have sam, ya need jesus to come down from the clouds on high to slap some sense into you


you know it’s going to be a good morning when it starts with this much energy.

i. he told her that her smile reminded him of the moon.
there are over one billion stars in the sky.
she was the only one that mattered to him.

ii. it didn’t take him long for his eyes to be drawn to stardust.
he found another pair of lips that tasted like the sun.
the moon suddenly seemed too distant.

iii. he was a force stronger than any gravity.
he flitted from star to star.
she was trapped in his orbit.

iv. she had no way to break from his path.
he was her world.
she was a speck of dust to him.

v. she looked up at the sky and saw his eyes among the stars.
she forgot what it meant to exist for herself.
she had never felt so alone.

In which I parallel Brittana and Klaine since I'm seeing some symptoms of fandom's Selective Memory Syndrom

Believe it or not, there was kindness in what Santana said to Kurt, despite how insulting and scathing she was. Or maybe kindness is not the right word, but…. love and care. Because Santana understands Kurt on a deeper level that not many people do, she gets him (and he her) and knows how to get to him and how to say something that would leave a mark. Santana’s walls are the same as Kurt’s and her coping mechanisms are the same as his and she is very similar, personality wise, to him.

Santana wanted payback and wanted to hurt Kurt, you’re not going to hear any objections from me regarding that (and she was justified, just to be clear), but she also wanted to get him out of that state he has fallen into. Kurt sure as hell needed someone to shock him out of his denial, and no one knows what a bottomless bit denial can be better than Santana. There was a lot of denial from her when she was broken up with Brittany, she even went ahead and rewrote what happened and framed it as Brittany breaking up with her. Santana knows what it’s like to do something then regret it with every fiber of your being and not be able to deal with the fact that it was your own doing.

And wouldn’t be so easy for Kurt to rewrite history? We’re talked extensively about how Kurt might react to the knowledge that it’s Dave Karofsky of all people that Blaine is dating, and he didn’t react in the way that a lot of people expected him to. But also, Kurt went from acknowledging that he made a mistake in breaking up with Blaine to talking about how none of them were ready to get married because they were young and acting like he was right. He didn’t react that way to Blaine and Dave but he could. He was hurt and bitter and his judgement was clouded and it would be so damn easy to turn this into something that Blaine is doing to him or doing deliberately to hurt him (and guess who also made their ex’s relationship to be about them and said that they are doing it to make them go nuts? That’s right. Santana)

So yeah, it wasn’t pleasant and it was insulting, but I’m going to disagree with a lot of my friends here on how it didn’t hurt Kurt. No, it did hurt him. But it wasn’t because Santana insulted how he looks or compared him to a cat that smells cancer or called him sexless. It was because she provoked him by continually telling him that it was Blaine who didn’t want to be with him. It was because she called him on his bullshit (again) and because she held a mirror in front of him and forced him to face the truth that he was trying to avoid.

It’s okay if you feel bad over what was said or if you can’t accept it. Feel what you feel. But keep one thing in mind: Sanatna Lopez cares about Kurt Hummel, that’s a fact. She also roots for him and Blaine, again a fact. And she saw him going down the same road that she did before and she wanted to throw him off it. She also wanted to feel vindicated and get back at him for ruining her special moment and making it about him. But people don’t just stop caring about each other when they fight, no matter how nasty the fight can get.

Alright, but what if the apocalypse happened and those of us who are “glued to our phones/computers/soul-sucking wireless devices” actually knew what was going on and how to survive due to us being connected to other people and all the assholes who look down on us for being “internet zombies” had no idea until the literal zombies busted through their windows and tried to eat them.


Monroe + Duncan’s death | 2.17

"Tell me what happened."


No, not a bullet. An arrowhead. The bow is my weapon.