You fucking boo someone for doing a charity match just bc you have to assert how much you hate One Direction or boy bands or pop music in general I think you need to sit your ass down and think about the last time you spent your day off running around a stadium while people hurled insults at you, just for charity and to raise awareness. Boo till you drop dead but Louis Tomlinson will always be a better person than you.

leavethehxrtbehind asked:

{*leaves my URL here and flies away*}

Opinion on; leavethehxrtbehind

Character in general:

I’m trash and I’ve never seen POTO or LND and to be honest I don’t really have much desire to bc the Phantom’s creepy as fuck but!!! I have genuinly loved watching Meg develope and learning about her character over the past year and a bit. 

How they play them:

So well! Katie has such an amazing grasp of Meg and such a clear understanding of her character, all her interactions are amazingly IC and legit if you ask her I’m pretty sure she could give you a 2000 double spaced essey on Meg and that’s what I like to see tbh 

The Mun:

Katie is my internet wife tbh. We’ve follwed each other since the early days of my first ever blog and I’m like 100% sure she follows me on all of my blogs and she’s so lovely and talanted and beautiful and has a cute cat and another cat that would probs be cute but I never get to see it and wow like I just love Katie a lot??

RP with them:

Literally all the time 

Want to RP with them:

*Simon Zealotes voice* Forever and ever and ever amen 

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

Meg is amazing and well developed and well written and Katie is my wife and if anyone ever fucks with her I will brick their window tbh. Katie fandom 2Kforever 

sylveon is my new favorite pokemon fight m e