Friendly announcement about requests

I know this blog is about The Walking Dead Game (and a bit Tales from the Borderlands), but I decided that I’m open to doing stuff with Telltale’s other games, like Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us, even though I haven’t played them (yet).

For those who don’t know, I edit pictures of different characters in fun ways. The things I do mainly is stuff like hair swaps/style changes, eye color changes, facial hair addition/removal, and (one of my favorites) realistic version of those character, as if they were real people.

Since TWDG isn’t going on for the time being, and TFTBL just started and isn’t as well known yet, requesting has waned a bit. Since doing these are rewarding on such a deep level for me and are my favorite hobby by far, I’d love if any of you feel like dropping an ask if you want to, about any Telltale game. :) Thank you!! :)

They should make an animated short where Carl is lying in a hospital bed and an eighteen year old Russell walks in.  The room is silent.  Neither one of them talk.  Only slow music plays in the background.  Russell walks up to Carl’s bed and sits next to him.  Carl looks over to Russell and smiles.  Russell is trying to hold back tears.   He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Soda lid that Carl had pinned on him so many years ago.  He takes the pin and pins it onto Carl’s shirt.  He is almost balling as he says “Thank you Mr. Fredricksen.”  Carl is unable to speak he is so choked up.  All you see is him smile and a tear roll down his cheek.  ”You’re welcome Russell.” He says with a crackle in his voice.  He closes his eyes and the Heart Monitor he is on flat lines.  All you see is Russell crying.  Then there is a flash of light.  Carl stands in front of the light and sees someone coming out of it.  Ellie walks out of the light and goes to Carl.  She holds her secret Adventure Book in her arms.  She writes something in the book.  She then kisses Carl and drops the book.  Ellie takes Carl into the light and they revert back to their child selves and walk hand in hand into the light.  Then it pans to the book which is open to the page Ellie wrote in.  The only words written on the page are “The End.”  And then the screen fades to black.


guess who moved into my town yesterday