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The last thing Harry said to Eggsy was that he was disappointed, and that he’d sort out that “mess” when he got back.

Just imagine the delayed reaction Eggsy would have after everything went down. He saved the world, fucked the princess, got home and then … it hits him.

Harry is dead. 

Not in hospital. Not hurt. Not even just pissed with him. 

He’s dead

And that’s when he fucking breaks down. He can’t look at that suit without seeing the way Harry smiled so proudly behind him in that mirror in Kingsman. He can’t walk past the police station without imagining the first time they’d met. He can’t look at the crusty remains of the old, broken snowglobe he had kept in his room. It had smashed years ago, but he had kept it. He wasn’t sure why. He can’t even look at J.B. without a crushing sensation gripping his chest, so he pulls the tiny, wriggling pug close and sobs into his fur.

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Your management asks for more, don’t know what for. We could have waited for another to-o-our. Don’t need more rumors, we should have acted more grown u-u-up. No one else in the stadium knew it, no one expected it so soon. Zayn Malik, you light up our world like nobody else, the way you hit your high notes gets us overwhelmed. But when you signed off of tour it wasn’t hard to tell, you’d been pushed too fa-a-ar. Zayn you’re always in our hearts 💕

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smoothmintjazz asked:

For the pairing/drabble: 1 and 2 for Elektra and Tynan, 11 and 13 for Nia/Zevran, 18 for Eris Hawke/Isabella, and 22 for Hayden/Cullen. (I'm sorry there are so many I still want to ask about)

For now, I’ll just do the first one.  But I’ve saved the rest to drafts, and I’ll get around to them one day! :D 

Elektra and Tynan: 1-“Come over here and make me.”   

(Elektra and Tynan are my original world characters from a story-bit thing that a friend of mine and I started in high school. (I’ll refer to it as FSAA occasionally, since we originally called it “Fallen Stars and Angels”) I’ve been going back and filling in and fixing plot holes and characterization here and there ever since.  Elektra was my main character, and my friend wrote for another character, Eden. I’d love to get feedback on them, but I never know how to introduce them since they are non-fandom related.) 

Tynan’s whistling echoed through the whole damn library.  Elektra felt her nerves tightening and fraying with every note.

That smug bastard.  Sitting there in his dark leather armor, one foot on the priceless antique oak table as he rocked backwards lazily.  The wooden chair creaked under the stress of balancing on just the back two feet.  It had not been designed to withstand that type of abuse.  Who was he to be whistling away carelessly while she had to bury her nose in the driest books of Aeyrnian history of the last thousand years?

Elektra felt a growl growing in the back of her throat, and her grip tightened on the pen she had been irritably tapping against her notes.  Tynan continued whistling, his green-gold gaze fixed on the skylight in the ceiling above him.  Elektra recognized the tune, a wistful and almost lazy version of a folk song she’d heard the townspeople singing.  She vaguely wondered where Tynan had picked it up.  It was a Plains song - about the harvest if she remembered correctly - and not typically sung in the Northlands where Tynan came from.  She wondered if he’d been spending time in the local tavern.  

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In fact, it is not difficult to understand [why foreigners in Chinese novels speak Chinese]: it it impossible to develop the plots if language problems exist in a novel.
—  Yongqiang Liu, “The Description Concerning Foreign Affairs and Exotic Imagination in the Fiction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties,” proving that this is a world-wide phenomena and that the best answer is to just kind of ignore those pesky linguistic differences.