a hole where they once were


Six years ago, most of us were completely unavailable to our friends and family. Six years ago, a lot of us skipped meals and went to bed very, very late. Six years ago, all of us were reading the seventh and last instalments of the Harry Potter series and so captivated by Jo’s words that nothing else mattered.

These books changed a lot of our lives, and it was with elation, dread and sadness that we started reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

When we finally turned that last page, I bet most of us had cried so much there wasn’t a lot of tears left in our eyes. Because we were finally saying goodbye. There’s been ten years between the release of Philosopher’s Stone and that of Deathly Hallows. Ten. Reading the final book was both a magnificent accomplishment, and the most heartbreaking goodbye to those characters we all grew up to love as friends.

But as Jo put it, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome [us] home. And six years later, it is still very true.

It’s been six years, but none of the emotion at reading the final pages of the Harry Potter series has gone.

All is well.