Since January 16, 2014: 1 year and counting.

Thank you GOT7 for giving us a year full of laughter and inspiration. Thank you for changing our life in the most beautiful way. I’m so happy that every sweat and tears you’ve invested are starting to pay off.

Remember that ahgasaes will always support and love each and every one of you, no matter what happens. I wish you more happiness and love, good health and much prosperity. Let’s carry on this journey for the next 7 years and more!

Happy 1st Anniversary GOT7! I love you, always~♥

anonymous asked:

One character to hook up with: Arizona Robbins or Alex Vause???

OMG this is so freaking rude. like if someone were to keep track of all the rudeness that exist in this world, this one would top the chart. how do you ask such question. omg i cannot. for the love of god. dear lawd. jesus take the wheel.

okay…….Arizona Robbins is my baby and she has been for the past 6 years like she consumed my life but Alex Vause omg her face her everything the glasses how can one resists. dear lawd baby please forgive me. right now i would have to choose Alex Vause. 

Arizona is so focused on her work with Dr.Herman and i do not want to distract her from what she’s doing. on the other hand Alex is lonely and going back to Prison again so i’m going to hook the eff up with Alex lmfao