I’m not going to lie, I think discovering Louis and Harry’s relationship was a mistake on my part. Like at times I’m happy that I did discover it because it’s a beautiful love story between two beautiful people. But ugh the moment I entered the Larry fandom I discovered I was a fan of the shadiest band in the universe who are managed by incompetent fools and it takes out all the fun of being a fan. I miss 2012, 2013 and early 2014 when I was just a blissfully ignorant One Direction fan. Now there’s no going back. 

I just love when Delena fans get all moral

“It would be wrong for Damon and Bonnie to date because Bonnie is Elena’s friend”

like what the spaghetti are you talking about Damon slept with Elena a second after she broke up with Stefan without an ounce of guilt and then spent the rest of the season complaining to Stefan what a bitch compelled Elena is 

what are you doing ????