One morning in May, when the students at Hogwarts are busy shoveling breakfast into their mouths with one hand and flipping through textbooks with the other, Rose Weasley decides she wants to make a new friend, because why the hell not? It’s the end of the school year and all of her fellow Ravenclaws are too panicked about final exams to have any fun. 

So, as if it’s completely normal, Rose grabs her porridge and approaches the Hufflepuff table matter-of-factly, next to a boy with pale hair and even paler skin and a glimmer of misery in his eyes that only comes from being alone too often.

“Is someone sitting here?” Rose asks him politely.

Scorpius swallows a piece of toast, eyes wide, and shakes his head. 

“I’m Rose, by the way. And you are?”

“Scorpius.” Rose takes a moment to digest this. Scorpius. The Scorpius Malfoy, the one her father had always warned her about, always told her to beat on every test, because he was nothing but cruel, and came from a cruel family. This was Scorpius. A small, scared looking Hufflepuff boy with big brown eyes and a nervous quiver in his knees. 

She smiles at him. 

And then she immediately starts chattering to him while she eats, about everything imaginable, from the new broomstick she’s had her eye on to how beautiful the grounds look when it’s springtime to how many wrackspurts she thinks she can hold in her mouth. And Scorpius is just staring at her, because no one’s ever done this, no one’s ever willingly sat near him and wanted to speak to him. He stares at her bushy red hair, and thinks it’s beautiful, and he stares at her long thin fingers drumming on the tabletop, and wonders with a surging feeling in his chest if this is what it’s like to have friends. Even when she leaves, he can’t stop smiling on his way to Potions. 


I was tagged for the 20 beautiful people thing by the lovely a-pessimist-reader. Plus I’ve been tagged a few times indirectly as well, I think, but I’ve been kinda busy so Tumblr took a seat waaay in the back for a while…

Anyways, these pics are p. much in the Local Queer Is Taken to Workplace and Thus Commences Taking Odd Selfies and Putting Instagram Filters on Them: The Musical variety because finishing up high school is ridiculously time-consuming and stressful, so one needs a little bit of amusement every now and then.

From my part, I’ll say all you lovely lot in beautyisterrornet and mythpoetrynet, show me what you’ve got. I’ve missed you and your faces in the past few months.


Who are we kidding, we all knew this was coming right ;)? I just have too much to do for uni and I need to pass all my classes for my exchange year so there’s an added level of pressure. Because I’ve been so busy I’ve not been able to watch any of the shows I’m following so my dash is basically 50% blacklist which is 1. really risky 2. not exactly fun… My final exam is on the 4th of June so I’ll be back after that! I’m not going to queue anything sorry! I just don’t have the time. (You can still vote in this top 5 the 100 ships poll so I have something to make after I come back!) Love ya xxx

I really love the music that’s plays over the credits in supernatural. The slow, haunting one. It’s like being out very late at night in a city when there’s no one out and everything is so still, with mist hanging in the air bleached yellow by a street light. Silence. Looking over your shoulder. Just in case.

Just letting you know that due to a very wonky internet and the impending doom (aka: an exam that I just can’t fail because HONOUR and PRIDE and all those things) it’s probable that you won’t see me around until some time monday afternoon/night (that is, if my internet stops being so fucking wonky).

So, that’s what happened if you think I mysteriously disappeared or that I’m suspiciously quiet.

Take care, guys and if you also have any exams, good luck! and if not, still good luck :D

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snuggydestiel asked:

uhm kayla ??? I care so much ??? like i know we dont talk all the time and stuff (mostly bc im busy with studying and crying over exams) but like ?? you are so awesome and sometimes i see something anime related and i'm like "omg kayla would love this probably" and deleting is your choice but i dont want you to think that no one cares. because i do <3 ily so much !!! like im looking at grad schools and the ones in cali and im like "if i go here i'll be close to kayla OMG". *hugs* i love you <3

I’m actually crying omg thank you for this Homma I love you so much

and I can’t believe anime makes you think of me that honestly made me laugh I’m so honored