Screencap Manip?: Loki meets Ronan the Accuser
*I have done Loki meets Thanos and the next thing I wanted to do was this! They must know each other, right?


All of me
Is all for you
You’re all I see

All of me
Is all for you
You’re all I need

                                                             One love, one love


guYS I DID THE THING here’s my first (of many, hopefully) let’s play of Halo: Reach!

I’d really appreciate any feedback/comments/reblogs if you could spare any! 

It’s a pretty lengthy video, and I by no means expect everyone to watch all of it, but I would forever be grateful for just a few minutes of consideration.

also, fun fact: after editing this, I forever have the meNU THEME STUCK IN MY HEAD

Cut & Run Meme ▬ Alternate Universe [01/01].

The one where happy tynick exists. Context ? What context. Who needs context when you can enjoy young Tyler Grady and Nick O’Flaherty being in love and happy together.