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Trailer for Afternoon Delight, starring Kathryn Hahn and Juno Temple

Mulligan, who’s superb, giving a performance on the level of her previously acclaimed work, is equally damaged: desperately needy and dying for her brother to connect with her, seemingly unaware that the very sight of her has sent him into a tailspin. If that makes it sound as if the performance is a grim one, it’s anything but; the “An Education" star is as loose and lively as she’s ever been, aided by a Holly Golightly-esque wardrobe. Plus, the girl can really sing, her downtempo performance of “New York New York,” which moves her brother to tears, being one of the film’s highlights. That moment in particular shows how inextricably the two are linked, and they’re wonderful together, portraying a deeply complex sibling relationship that might be the only thing they have to cling to; as Sissy says near the close: “We’re not bad people. We just come from a bad place.

Sooo… I’m working on a new little project!

Some of you may know that Anya wasn’t Drew’s first relationship, it was in fact with Ryan Flowers (by simsheaven), though it was short-lived. I thought it’d be interesting to give a take on how it went :) It also features Anya Howell, Leonardo Goth, Daryl Howell and Bradley Howard. More characters may be added, but that’s the cast list so far. I’m excited to see how it’ll go!

Coming soon.

Hah! I just realized that I haven’t actually posted any of my cosplay stuff! This is kind of exciting.

This is Auto-Responder/Lil Hal wig Prototype No.1. Since this was my first time putting huge spikes into a wig, I’m going to have to re-style it a few times before I’m satisfied with the outcome. I’ll probably try to make the spikes look more natural, despite AutoResponder being an AI (and thus robotic).

But for a first try, it didn’t turn out too bad. 

So the new album is called Mobile Orchestra

Can we all take a step back and just appreciate how neat that title is? Like seriously, that is an amazing name for an album.

“Hey, kid, hold up.”

Patrick sighed and turned, hoping he looked as impatient as he felt. “Pete, I’m serious, you’re making me really, really late and I swear to God I’m going to kick your ass for it – “

“Yeah, yeah, I got it.” Pete rolled his eyes and walked forward until he was able to demonstrate his fine art of never recognizing personal space. Which. Like. Patrick never minded, even though he always claimed otherwise. “I wanna give you something before you head to class, okay?”

Patrick eyed him suspiciously. Gifts from Pete always ranged from heartfelt lyrics and the best hugs a person would ever get to psychologically scarring sexual acts. “Um. Okay. Just make it quick.”

“Totally will.” Pete leaned in even closer and Patrick’s heart suddenly stopped, his mind a mess of ohmyGodohmyGodthiscan’tbehappeningisthisreallife.

Pete pressed their lips together, kissing Patrick softly. Patrick let out a shaky breath against Pete’s mouth, eyes fluttering closed. Instinctively, he reached up and gripped the soft, worn material of Pete’s hoodie. 

Pete lifted his hand and thread his fingers through Patrick’s hair. Patrick hadn’t ever known Pete to be gentle about anything but he was being so, so gentle and soft and careful about this and Patrick thought he was potentially in love, which meant potentially fucked because oh my God he can’t be in love with his bassist that’ll fuck so much up oh God.   

Pete stepped back and it took a moment for that to register with Patrick’s stunned state of mind. He finally opened his eyes again, lips still slightly parted.

Pete seemed delighted when Patrick looked at him again. 

“… what?” Patrick asked.

Pete started giggling, because he was an ass, apparently. “Sweet sixteen and never been kissed, huh, lunchbox?”

“Oh, fuck off, asshole,” Patrick muttered, blushing furiously and looking away. The butterflies in his stomach were still there, though.

“I was Patrick Stump’s first kiss!” Pete sang triumphantly up at the sky and Patrick punched him on the arm, turning an even deeper shade of red. 

“I’m really, really, really late now, and it’s all your fault, and I hate you, and I’m really going to kick your ass.” 

“You love me, Rickster.” Pete smacked a more Wentz-like kiss on Patrick’s mouth, purposefully wet and sloppy. “I’ll pick you up after school for practice, okay? Okay. Love you, too.”


And as Patrick was going to class and slightly dreading repercussions, he realized, oh, oh my God, yeah. 

Pete was my first kiss. Pete Wentz was my goddamn first kiss.

Patrick didn’t pay a single second of his attention in school all day.