When I was in primary school we had this thing were we would write and illustrate our own books, they were usually 4-8 handwritten A5 pages, so like 100-200 words, but sometimes someone wrote some pretty long ones. I remembered last night that one that I never finished had about 30 or so pages, and was a crossover between Disney Fairies and Harry Potter, I think I was like 10 at the time, so my fanfiction days started early…

what’s really funny to me is that if u removed the context of school from bullying n stood in a court of law n said “this individual has done a,b,c and d to me on multiple occasions” it would be enough to land the bully with a criminal record n get u a restraining order so why is it bullies only get a little talking to or they’re asked to settle down ??? oh n by funny i meant fucking disgusting


the number one thing that really pisses me off that teachers say is “well if you don’t want to learn then why are you even in school” like?? are you aware that there are laws stating that children under the age of 16 in some places are legally obligated to go to school even if they don’t want to??? like there is literally a law stating that we have to go to school?? ???? not to mention that we aren’t able to do anything without a high school diploma??? please check yourself because I can assure you that no student is jumping out of bed to take a seat in front of your crusty self