Fingers clasp on bare skin as a sigh is elicited from her painted lips by the sudden brush of elbows . Her mind was elsewhere, her faint smile tugged by strings of a figurative puppeteer, a simple fleeting facade. 

                “ —— gomen. i didn’t see you t-there. ”

the fanfiction I haven’t written yet is an award winning movie in my head

     [ ok. usually i’m on top of this, but i bought last minute tickets to the next con in april and i need your guys’ help for a cosplay idea……….. something quick, easy, and cheap! ] 

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You always make icons for people to use, but did you ever thought about making headers? (love the one you're using)

I did actually! Haha I wasn’t sure if making headers was a thing? Basically, if someone wants to use one of my graphics as a header just tell me and I’ll resize/ crop it and put a really small watermark somewhere

rewatching Attack on Titan makes me so angry sometimes. 

Like, Eren is such a dick to Mikasa even though everyone else can tell that she loves him. I wish, just for once, Eren would acknowledge Mikasa and her worth and efforts instead of yelling at her for trying to help out. He was sweet to her when they were little and that’s about it. Like .. I dunno I just feel bad for Mikasa. If I loved a little shit like Eren I’d be upset and pissed off all the time. I almost wished she’d fall for jean. At least he’s sincere about his feelings for her.

Also looking back on the eps, it’s very obviously that the titan trio are suspicious. You can tell from how they look/background events in some scenes. It’s fascinating. And I know the manga pushes for Bert/Annie but I can’t help but love how Annie and Armin interact. I DUNNO… 

Also I’m led to believe that Marco knew more than he led on before his death? A lot of his scenes/scenes with him, have him standing next to the titan trio. Either the three knew he was on to them and off’d him, or he was in on their shit and the nice face was a facade. If Krista could do it, so could he? 

Also where the FUCK is Grisha Yeager? He’s a relevant fucking person who cured a plague how does a guy like that just go M.I.A.

This manga pisses me off because there are so many opened subplots and still NO FUCKING ANSWERS AND DEVELOPMENTS, JUST MORE CUSHIONING. 

People give me your headcanons. Shipping, plot, predictions. I need to be entertained the SNK thirst is real.