I really appreciate the nice comments

I get about my gifs and edits…I read each and every one (when I get the time of course lol), thank you so much! ♥  I especially appreciate it when people comment about the way I colour my gifs in that I’m always making sure that the characters’ skin is never whitewashed. I can’t stress enough how important this is–there is definitely a right and wrong way to colour PoC. Welp! Characters like Tiana, Kida, Jasmine and Nani shouldn't end up looking like Snow White and Elsa by the time you finish working your magic in Photoshop should they?

Draco Misuii

This is probably one of my oldest OCs I have and he stole the show from his mother almost immediately after I created him. He was meant to be a quiet, brave and serious type, a warrior-alike-personality.
He quickly changed into the opposite, an egoistical, spoiled, mommy’s boy with father issues. He talks big but isn’t as impressive as he tries to seem to be. A narcissist that believes in his own lies of supremacy.


Azaiun or more widely known as Ace is a not too old OC of mine. I am not really sure what I thought when I created him but it was something along the lines of a love interest.
Ace is sorta a playboy as a single, but he’s loyal as heck if he were to commit to someone.  He has an interest for Draco - first only because of his looks. When he learned about Draco’s diva ways he were ready to flee but as he wanted to show Enlau (Draco’s father) respect, he chose to stick around for a bit longer. He notices that Draco has other sides to him that he rarely shows but it’s enough to keep Ace curious and therefore he accepts a job as Draco’s bodyguard when the prince wanders off his planet Ocendium.


Believe it or not but Enlau is not any old creation of mine. Ironically he’s Draco’s father, but at first it was planned that his big brother Ryali would be. Poor Ryali was intended to be the too nice father that gets pushed around. Instead Draco got Enlau as father and the roles are more opposite. Enlau hates disrespectful and rude behaviours. He believes in hard work and discipline. Hence, Draco’s slackful and self-obsessed ways aren’t much of an enjoyment to him. He’s a difficult opponent and he will do anything for what he believes is the right thing to do. He has strong beliefs and it’s hard to change his opinion once he has one.

Isarth Misuii

Isarth was once named Isogashii, which was a suiting name that danshika suggested in the past when we were younger. I renamed him since I try to make my Veocean characters’ name more culturally the same sounding (which is a challenge).
He’s Draco’s grandfather and the current king of the planet Ocendium. He rules together with a council that consists of different leaders across the planet.


Xephor is pretty newly created. He’s some sort of villain and he has his part in shady business like selling other aliens as slaves. He is a lord and people are aware that he’s not a good guy but they are afraid to confront his authority. He is also capable to hypnotize his victims. If he likes some of his “merchandise” he will bring them home and keep them as his own slaves. He also buy other’s slaves.


Kahnyr is a re-designed character. His past self were supposed to be an agent and he was responsible and analyzing. He’s still in a process to gain a new personality but I think he’s pretty straightforward - not that chatty though unless he really have to talk. He has some attitude and is competitive. He does what he believes are the right thing to do no matter the law or restrictions.


Bane is the newest currently created OC. He was inspired by the song “The Ready Set - Killer”. He’s an assassin/hitman. Bane’s not interested to get hitched but he doesn’t say no to some company. He likes booze and loud music - so it’s very likely to find him in a bar. Brawls can be fun as well, especially if he gets to start them.


Aiden is a character for a story I and my girlfriend will make together. His personality is a bit loose at the moment as he’s a work in process. However how I have imagined and decided for him to be so far is that he is very silent of himself - doesn’t speak unless necessary but is not actually shy.
He’s brought up in a dishonest way of living within an organisation. One day he meets Caleb and that will change his life. The duo ends up working together.

anonymous asked:

hi brittany! I was wondering what happened to that hamlet edit with like the tree branches?? i can't reblog it anymore

hello!! yeah i took it down, there were some design things that were bothering me about it. honestly i usually have to step back from a graphic for a little while before posting to make sure it’s exactly the way I want it to be. I try to only post things that i’m really proud of, and i think jumped the gun on that one a little bit. I might work on it and post a better version some other time. sorry about that!

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did you get far enough ahead to update soon? It's great so far but I need more!

Hmm. I did get ahead quite a bit, but I’m going to be sticking to a weekly updating schedule to make sure it stays that way. I really don’t want to post too often and then fall behind and end up with a massive updating gap later!

This week is tricky because I posted the first chapter right before moving across the ocean o.o so things are a tiny bit hectic while I’m settling in and exploring. But I’m going to try my best to have an update ready for sometime tomorrow still ~ if not, I’ll have it up by the weekend for sure, and then I’ll resume a standard weekly updating schedule after that.