The high was starting to wear off, and reality hit him like a freight train. He realized that his eyes were bloodshot, so he did the one thing that he knew would at least reduce the redness. Sawyer leaned his head back, putting in the eyedrops. He heard someone open the door, and he quickly hid the eyedrops. “What do you want?” He asked, not necessarily in the most polite way.

Anyone interested in joining a new Frary network?

Yup! This is something that’s being discussed as all other networks are pretty much dead and the fandom’s significantly decreased (not your fault, tptb’s fault) so we were thinking of making a safe place for the Frary shippers - who everyone now lovingly refers to as Frary trash - to interact and talk and cry and meet others who feel the same way about this stupid couple~. We’re not sure if anyone would be interested so we’re just gonna put this out there and see what kind of responses we get before doing anything.

We’re hoping for maybe 25 to 30 people, give or take a few. That seems like a good number for now. Well, for this post in particular, I just wanna see a decent amount of interest before going ahead with the actual network so, if you’re interested, please like/reblog OR reply to this post. Or you can just send me a message, if that’s what you wanna do, I’m cool with that. :)

Frary Trash, unite!