wheeze I finally finished it ok omf
I wanted to see how hard it was to draw the homestuck characters like (plus I really love this style wowowow)) this took me like 4 hours and tbh it was pretty fucking hard
(((I kind of got help for where shading goes from Dave’s sprite though))


I hate people so fucking much. WHY would you think it’s okay to make disgusting comments about someone’s problem. Just because you a close minded bean doesn’t mean you can comment whatever you want simply because you are behind a computer. How can you sleep at night knowing your comments made someone feel terrible about themselves? How can one spread hate when there’s so much love to share? How can you think about making someone cry when you could have put a huge smile on their faces? There’s a huge difference between sharing an opinion and being extremely disrespectful and you have crossed that line. Words hurt, a lot.

The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies


So Colonel Phillips says that the Hydra base is thirty miles behind the lines, which I took to mean the Austrian border. Assuming they’re not in Austria at the moment, because Peggy says he’d be walking there, I took a look at the map earlier in the scene to find their closest military base outside the country. I placed the nearest one around Gemona, Italy, which is a little over twenty miles from the Austrian border.

Steve was entirely prepared to walk over fifty miles, more than half of that behind enemy lines, in ‘the most heavily fortified territory in Europe’, on the off chance that Bucky might still be alive.


"I’ve been treated so wrong
I’ve been treated so long
as if I’m becoming untouchable

contempt loves the silence
it thrives in the dark
with fine winding tendrils
that strangle the heart”


one, stay away from girls because they were trouble. and two, stay away from aglionby girls, because they were bastards. (insp x)


Teen Wolf AU | Marin is a librarian with her eye on a cerain patron

"I could show you the history section. It’s very…secluded," Marin says, a hint of flirtation in her voice. 

"Are you trying to insinuate we’re going to have sex on the books?" Braeden asks, cocking an eyebrow and leaning closer. 

"No, not on the books, never on the books," she says but then she shrugs. "Beside the books, maybe." 


You are the PRIEST OF BLOOD. Your job these days is to DISCERN the idiosyncrasies of COMPLICATED INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS between your  WARRING FACTIONS TEAMMATES and BIND them together with the CHAINS of this troll disease called FRIENDSHIP. The FORECAST for your continued immortality is looking pretty GRIM, because of your willingness to take HEROIC STUPID RISKS to get everyone out alive.

However, you find yourself spending a lot your time MEDIATING DRAMA in what often feels like a REALLY TERRIBLE ROMANTIC COMEDY.


Someone asked why there wasn’t more Halloween Elsa.

I don’t know much about Halloween, but I like monsters!


Okay so I know that there were a couple of times in the text above where Tadashi’s crush is exclusively referred to as a she and that was honestly just a mistake on my part since I’m really tired


Now here’s the thing: I’ve figured out how this contest thing will go. First, the contestants will fill out this application (reblog it, submit it, send it in as fanmail, send it through an ask, I don’t care) and I will then choose the top ten (or top five or top twelve or anything — the number of tops will be proportional to exactly how many people actually choose to do this) applicants judging from their answers (the last three questions on there actually don’t affect anything, I’m just curious as to what your opinion is).

After that, those chosen will make texts. You know, as in the texts that I make on this blog. Yes, the iPhone texts. So yeah. I’ll come up with a prompt to give to those people (I’ll make sure it’s interesting enough and it’s guaranteed to center around Tadashi one way or another), and they’ll create a text based on that prompt. If you don’t know how to make a text, then no worries: there’s a tutorial on the side bar of my blog, and if you can’t find it, then this is it.

Contestants (in alphabetical order):

aiko-honeylemon-miyazaki arthurjones93 ask-catrin attention-span-of-a-puppy batmanfan11 bissia blue-cat-hat bukkun cartoonmaniac daydreamingsmileyfaces deadpix101 disnerd-needs-a-hiro easy-l-o-v-e en-gway everybodywantstomato fangirl-as-fuck fangirl-till-it-blows gundamkitsune13 hamada-shi honeylemonicetea imnotoverlyobsessive in-a-disney-world-of-my-own latiwings little-miyazaki magical-awesome-kid magicalspacedragon mcswift13 minirokushi mira-stone missblackstar1678 muchymozzarella not-too-old-for-anything omni-uppercut-on-the-normandy peaches-r-peachy popapie rainbowblue13 ratchet-majesty sailorsun316 sakura-inabi-hamada shikaflower ships-feels-and-photos silentlinkandfairymain snowquecn spontaneouschatter sweetcream10 tadadshi tadashiamada tadashoney teriyaki-hamada thats-not-my-glabella the-cauldron-witch theatricalwingnut thehelsalife themushroommanofmerrylane tomatoturtle1211 wasabiisms wecouldbehiros whatever-fangirl wingsofpotatoes woman-up-loser

(If you cannot/do not wish to participate in this, even though you’re in the list above, you’re free to do so. Although you don’t have to, I would prefer it if you let me know this.)


Georgina Haig should be illegal