So…. I’m gonna cry forever…………………

I... I... WHAT...?

I was just looking through my followers, because I was curious if this one blog was following me, and I….

So I….


I… I… I’m not worthy…. What? Why? I… can’t breathe. I lied before. NOW I’m hyperventilating. 

To the inquirer who said that it’d be cool if Nickelodeon stumbled across my blog… you called it. And I was right too. I’m now experiencing heart failure as I stare at my screen blankly wondering how this happened.

I don’t care who’s side you’re on - if you take part in giving someone SO MUCH hate that they are hospitalized, that’s not fucking okay on any level.

YOUR OPINION on ANY matter will NEVER justify giving someone a hateful or threatening message. No matter how vile you may view this person for your own personal reasons, DO NOT send them a message that would purposely hurt them or cause them to panic - that doesn’t help AT ALL on EITHER side and if they get hurt, YOU were part of it.

People are not that hard to break, and chances are you’re not the only thing in their lives that will lead them in that direction. Even one simple message from you shouldn’t be viewed as small. It sticks with them and it leaves a heavy impact.

I advise you to re-think your choices HEAVILY if you’re thinking about sending someone a horrible message, because it doesn’t matter if you feel against them or not. If they get hurt, it’s still on your head. Don’t take part in all of this, it’s not viewed as good from any sides.