Sleepy Hollow returns in exactly one week...

and all I want to do is cry when I think about that. I remember being happy, excited, thrilled, amped…now, I feel broken. Something I cared (maybe irrationally so) so deeply for has been decimated - leaving only a hollow shell of what it once was in its wake.

I continue to watch for Nicole and Tom. Because they’re tremendous and deserve to succeed, because their chemistry is palpable and electric, because abandoning the show isn’t doing them a service. But my heart just isn’t in it anymore.

I feel like Spencer is one of the most misunderstood characters ever.

Let me tell you a little about Spencer Carlin… and I’m going to do it by text cause I don’t know how to do those master post things.

She’s one of the best (and one of the most underappreciated smh) characters to ever exist. why aren’t you real I cry into the night

She wasn’t some shy clumsy threshold that spilled awkward rainbows. No, okay. She was strong.

When Madison was being an ass Spencer called her out on it. She was like, “You’re an ass and I don’t want to associate with you.” (she did it in an embarrassing cute way - “I’ve being doing some judging of my own, and you girls lose.” oh Spencer. You cute little angel).

When Ashley did her ass things she called her out on it and was like, “I’m here for you as a friend and as someone that’s possibly in love with you but I ain’t no damn doormat and I ain’t putting up with that.” And when Ashley did the push-pull thing she was like, “I want you and I want to be with you so if you want me I’m here but I’m not gonna wait forever. If you’re not up for it then I’m gonna move on, there are more lesbians in the sea.”

When her mom was being a homophobe she was like, “no mom, you’re wrong. YOU are being a bad Christian. I’m not gonna pretend to be something I’m not for your sake and your ignorance. Love me for who I am, I am your goddamn daughter, damn it!”

And when Carmen got physical with her she was like, “this shit ain’t flying. I don’t think this automatically makes you a bad person because I don’t think in terms of black and white but I’m not gonna let you hurt me.”

… this is getting long…

Spencer always stood up for what she believed. Whether it was to her family, to Ashley, to her friends, to some dudes fighting in the quad. So don’t give me that shit that she was some weakling.

She was also supportive and accepting and loving and I was gonna keep going but I lost my train of thought and this is already really long.

Just know that Spencer is a badass sweetheart and didn’t take shit while baking you brownies.


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