Hair over volleyball, I don’t believe it

Okay. I have read every some Iwaoi fanfics and I noticed one thing. Some writers points that Oikawa always styles his hair and has a lot of beauty products


Look at this


I have a thing for Oikawa wake up in the morning with so messy hair and try to unsuccessfully brush his hair

I mean look at him

His ahoge is so cute

I mean of course he’s always in the center of attention and everything, but this is Oikawa we’re talkin about

He is a volleyball freak, he is possibly’ll spend the precious time for more practise end for Iwa-chan then for style his hair in the morning

So apparently to WWE fans...
  • White wrestlers who get stuck with a shitty gimmick:it's ok, we understand that your gimmick sucks but we appreciate the good workers you are and we'll show our support
  • Black wrestlers who get stuck with a shitty gimmick:we're gonna shit on you guys at every chance, despite how clearly talented you are and how hard you're trying to make this work

“Hang on!”

I love this moment so much. I love that Hiccup doesn’t even hesitate to jump. There is no guarantee that he’ll reach Toothless in time. It’s dangerous and reckless, but he still does it anyway. Like he just risked his life to bring Toothless back from the Bewilderbeast’s control, and here he goes again. Because the thought of not rescuing Toothless isn’t even an option. And this is all him. This isn’t his Night Fury making him look cool or saving him or doing half the work. No. Toothless is absolutely helpless here and it’s all on Hiccup to make the save. He’s not the fifteen year old kid playing dragon rider anymore.


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