Maybe her sister was right.
Maybe she truly was hideous.
But so long as she could deceive everyone
                                                                                      what did it matter?

With her head down on the counter, Kyung waited for some customers to walk in. She usually didn’t have work on the weekends, but some of the workers that usually were there on the weekends all had to call in sick. Not having anyone else willing to do it, Troy forced Kyung to work on both Saturday and Sunday. Of course, she could have denied him, but it wasn’t like she had anything better to do. “Sometimes, I really want to murder that guy.” She said to herself as the door swung open, the corner of it hitting the little bell. Popping back up, she stood up straight with a forced smile. “Welcome to The Flawless Flower, how may I help you?”


November 06: Post the best Who gif you’ve ever seen.

Four being fabulous.

(Made my own because I never bother to save anything.)


Everybody represents a facet of himself [Mal] that he has lost and that’s why he keeps them close and safe, and yet at arm’s length.

— Nathan Fillion, Firefly: The Official Visual Companion, Volume 1