learning Latin is great, because you learn Latin and you basically learn every language. What’s that? Latin won’t help you with Korean grammar? Then I’m afraid that doesn’t exist. because every language comes from Latin. all of them

So we have to read Ars Amatoria by Ovid for Latin at school and this book is the BIGGEST LOAD OF MISOGYINSTIC BULLSHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN. Not only does it treat women like shit all the fucking time but it literally says that women like to be raped!!!??? This book was supposed to teach people how to “get a woman”, and everything in it basically screams STALK HER (like seriously, it says that you have to keep insisting even when she asks you to fucking stop, because women totally love that, right?)

I don’t even care that this was written thousands of years ago, it’s just wrong (not to mention that rape and adultery where actually illegal at the time), and besides we have to read it now for school. What if some douchebag teenage boy thinks that this is actually okay?

Whaaat? The Weasleys are part of the Black family?

I just learned about Cedrella Weasley (nee Black), Arthur’s mother, who was blasted off the Black family tree for marrying a blood traitor, Arthur’s father.

Omfg I’m dying right now. I don’t know why this means so much to me but this means so much to me. Ron is related to Sirius? Ron is related to Draco? Omg, this is too much. I love pure blooded family trees

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Talk to me about Pietro and Wanda meeting Rocket Raccoon. Talk to me about Pietro insisting that Rocket is evil incarnate for chewing through his favourite pair of runners, but Wanda hugs the fuzzy little demon and won't hear a word against him. Tell me about how Rocket grins an evil little grin at Pietro over Wanda's shoulder, before snuggling into her chest. Tell me about Pietro being in trouble for lunging for a small mammal.


I will talk to you about Pietro trying to prove that the furry little fucker is evil while Wanda learns to knit because she thinks it’d be cute if he had a little sweater vest. 

I will TALK to you about Wanda letting Rocket sleep at the bottom of her bed even though he eats trash and smells bad and sheds everywhere. I will TALK to you about Pietro tripping over the dumb raccoon every chance he gets and running away with super speed because he’s a bit wary of catching something if it bit him.

“Relax, Pedro,” Rocket will say, refusing to remember Pietro’s name, “I’m clean as a whistle. The cleanest. Cleaner than you.”

“Wanda, I do not trust the space vermin. Many diseases we have not been exposed to. He eats from our garbage, we must expel this demon.” 

“Always with the dramatics, Percy? Always? You’re lucky I calmify my emotions so good.” 

I WILL TALK TO YOU about Rocket standing above Pietro’s bed at night pointing his gun at him so he gets a fright when he wakes up, and having breakfast prepared for Wanda when she gets up with a little tinfoil flower in a pot and everything. I will talk to you about that.

“Probably” didn’t have time to erase them. When you guys are about sixty seconds behind him. “Probably” didn’t have time to stop and sweep away all the footprints. “Probably”.

Fai. Fai pls.

My only relief in this entire situation is that there were actually BEDS for the kids to sleep in, so that they most likely weren’t just working all day and night and actually had time to rest. That’s what I was fearing anyway, since Kyle didn’t provide them with any other basic necessities at all. Please tell me he at least fed them too.  

My favourite thing about this is that Kyle literally stopped and was just all “Oh shit, glowing footprints” and took the time to take off his shows, and then he turns the corner and there is just a MASS of children’s footsteps leading straight to where he’s going anyway. FAILED STEP ONE KYLE. WELL DONE. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT PROVIDING THEM WITH SHOES TOO. 

No wait, my other favourite thing is Enjolras. Fai and Kurogane are just talking at their normal sound levels and theorising about what the different facilities are for. Meanwhile Enjolras is just FRANTICALLY SHOUTING “THE FOOTPRINTS ENDED”, which is THE MOST OBVIOUS OF ALL THE THINGS TO START YELLING ABOUT. EVERYONE CAN SEE THE LACK OF FOOTSTEPS. THANK YOU ENJOLRAS. And then everyone else just goes back to talking normally. 

I love you Enjolras. 

Ancient Shipping Wars (Achilles and Patroclus)

I’m working on a paper for a mythology class that’s too good not to share with the internet.

So Achilles and Patroclus in the Iliad are shown having a close relationship, and people for centuries have been interpreting it as sexual and/or romantic.

It’s common for people to assume that it was a case of Athenian pederasty. This is definitely what a lot of Athenians thought. Aescylus is one of the earliest recorded patrochilles shippers; he wrote a (mostly lost) play about Achilles portraying him and Patroclus as lovers.

(Important things to remember about Athenian pederasty- it was a teacher/student dynamic, involving an adolescent boy and an older man who acted as a mentor figure to him. The older one had to top, it was a really important part of the arrangement as far as the Athenians were concerned.

This kind of relationship is actually probably anachronistic in Homeric Greece! A lot of people contend that this kind of social arrangement just didn’t exist at the time. In reality if they were a couple they were probably not following pederastic dynamics.)

In Aescylus‘s play, he put Achilles as the mentor in the relationship, probably because he was the higher-ranked general and Patroclus wasn’t even really known for being a warrior.

However, Plato evidently headcanoned them differently, and he was willing to start shit over it; in his famous Symposium, he said, “the notion that Patroclus was the beloved one is a foolish error into which Aeschylus has fallen, for Achilles was surely the fairer of the two…and, as Homer informs us, he was still beardless, and younger far.”

Of course, even then, not everybody shipped it. Xenophon, a contemporary of Plato’s, insisted that the two of them were platonic friends (’platonic‘ for lack of a better word, obviously, since Plato himself shipped it.) Xenophon was I guess a big fan or bromance.

So if you ever think think that ‘shipping’ as a concept is new or different than it was hundreds of years ago…think again.

ten all “saved some little people” and adelaide smashes him down and then, later, eleven like “in nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important” he’s so aware of his faults he’s so eager to never repeat the same mistakes he’s so respectful of the people who show him his flaws he’s so desperate not to become a monster so desperate so desperate


I was tagged my the lovely boybandquicksand in the growing up meme ages ago. I have no idea why it took me so long! 

Here’s 3 year old me eating watermelon. 7 year old me (in pink) seeing the ocean for the first time with my cousin/best friend. 28 year old me coloring away the sads because it was march, yknow? 



The “Venice of the Pacific” or “Venice of Micronesia” are names given to Nan Madol, a ruined city located on the eastern shore of Pohnpei, for the islets that are surrounded by narrow stretches of water that resemble canals. Ancestors called these ruins Soun Nan-leng, or the Reef of Heaven. 

Nan Madol served as both a religious center and home of the ruling kings during the Saudeleur dynasty. It’s still a mystery as to how it was built and why the people decided to take on this large task. In 1985 it was declared a National Historical Landmark.

I own the book Micronesian Legends and it features a story during the Saudeleur dynasty. It’s called Isohkelekel Vanquishes the Saudeleur. You can read the short story here (first half) and here. Isohkelekel is said to have freed the Pohnpeians from the dictatorship of the Saudeleur dynasty.

More information about this ancient city: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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I don't want to get into the argument over who is the rightful owner of the Falklands or anything, but I'm kind of lost here as to Thatcher's waning popularity (and being re-elected twice?) contributing to the war. The UK has had a “tussle” with who owns the Falklands since long before Thatcher was even born. Not to mention that no matter if it was "right" for Thatcher to retaliate or to sink the Belgrano, didn't Argentina make the first move of the war itself when they invaded the islands?

They did. As for the Falklands, I think self-determination has to be respected. They voted to stay British.

Anon said: Thatcher removed troops from the Falkands because no one expected Argentina to attack Britain. It’s just not a move many weak countries try to make

That’s also true.

Anon said: I hate how some people condemn the UK’s involvement in the Falklands War purely because they are anti-Conservative/Thatcher. Do they not take into consideration the lives and wellbeing of the Islanders?

I agree Nonnie, I’m anti-Thatcher, and I don’t like the Tories… but as said above. The islanders think of themselves as British. Therefore we should treat them like any other British island.