Eighth Time’s the Charm

Fandom: Love Live
Pairing: NicoMaki
Summary: Nico fights for what she wants. Maki’s a (maybe) willing victim. Coffee shop AU.
Notes: Written for the ever awesome nishiklno <3 Eiko’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in all my years on this planet, and also definitely one of the coolest. When I first met her, I thought to myself, Wow, a memer I can truly respect. I want to be just like her someday. She’s a worthy role model. That said — Eiko, you’re fantastic and I hope you have a great birthday and a super fun year!

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anonymous asked:

Yeah.. Followed this account for fucking hockey not your god damn lesbionic problems.

I’m gonna give you a real quick tip. You see, following a blog isn’t a permanent action and unfollowing one is completely free! So what you can do is take your mouse and scroll over to the ‘unfollow’ button and then you click it. There are thousands of hockey blogs out there. If me posting about being bisexual 2% of the time on here is really that big of an issue, then leave. That’s totally fine. I’m not forcing you to follow me, and I honestly don’t care about how many followers I have. Hope you have a good day!

My sister made me a “happy fucking birthday” cake
she knows me. She really knows me.

i hate planning trips but i am so. pedantic and everything has to be completely perfect and under my control so i know Exactly what is happening and when and how and the best way to do everything so i take it all upon myself to figure stuff out and it’s so stressful!!!! but with melbourne ali is an even bigger control freak than i was so it was okay to let her to everything?? bc i understood. and also she is very good at telling you everything. she even gave me a copy of list of contact details she gave to her mum 


There’s something different about Matt Murdock. What I love about ‘Daredevil’ is that his seemingly great weakness is his great strength, you know. So he’s unique in that way and that’s what I think - it’s one of the things that makes him such a beloved character and so interesting. (x)

Feelings That Remind Me of The Signs
  • Aries:being able to hear your heels clicking while you walk down halls, having somebody reach out their hand to pick you up when you fall, rushes of adrenaline
  • Taurus:wearing oversized sweaters while listening to the rain, holding hands, swinging at the park
  • Gemini:crying into the fur of your favorite pet, hearing the ringing of absolute silence, walking through downtown of a big city
  • Cancer:falling asleep with your window open in the summer and feeling the cool breeze, having someone call you by a cute nickname, having your parent fuss over how you look on the first day of school
  • Leo:a live concert, buying something without looking at the price, watching fireworks
  • Virgo:starting a book and immediately relating to the main character, looking up at skyscrapers, drawing on black paper
  • Libra:laughing at yourself with a good friend, playing your favorite childhood game after years of not touching it, playing dress-up with children
  • Scorpio:being appreciative of a poetry piece but not understanding it, cracking your back when it's sore, the first sip of a really cold drink in the summer
  • Sagittarius:spinning around in a dress where the skirt fans out, reading a book in the grass, having an animal approach you first
  • Capricorn:playing a spontaneous game of tag, putting on your favorite color of lipstick, remodeling an apartment
  • Aquarius:Late night drives on empty roads with the windows down, daydreams, that one really great text message that makes your entire day brighter
  • Pisces:getting a really nice back rub, receiving big hugs, highlighting phrases in a book you love