In the audio commentaries for the series DVD collection, it is mentioned that there is a subplot for Inara which was not developed in the series or the film. The producers mention foreshadowing events that hinted at this plot. During a panel at 2008’s DragonCon, Morena Baccarin confirmed that Inara was indeed dying of a terminal illness.




Queerbaiting is not fan-made.

Queerbaiting is show-made. 

I’m just so glad mainstream media is calling this bullshit out. SPN can patronize its fans and try to point fingers in the show, but if mainstream media calls them out on this it’s a lot harder to ignore. Not impossible to ignore… but this kind of attention is pretty important, and actually a huge milestone in the history of queer representation.  Media companies have been using queerbaiting for decades with little to no real, powerful backlash. 

So… suck it, spn.  You only have yourselves to blame for this bad reputation.

it makes me so super happy when people text me first because it’s like wow?? someone actually thought about me???? and decided to talk to me???? someone cares that much to take the time out to text me??¿???¿???

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does xiumin's bad picture even exist? hes so photogenic?

Let’s see~~

Exhibit A; Very handsome pre-debut super-photogenic bun 

Exhibit B; Photogenic perfection personified debut/Mama era Xiumin

Exhibit C; Little foxy beautifully photogenic thing

Exhibit D; Actual-anime-boy-come-true-photogenic-Minseok

Exhibit E - ∞; 

etc etc etc…

That proves my point, right? There’s no such thing as an unfortunate photo of Minseok! He’s amazingly photogenic! I knew it! I - 

Oh … wait - I - uh ..??


Baby bun?? You ok?? 

I don’t know how these got in here !!

Okay okay I’m sorry Minseok, I didn’t mean it! You are perfect in every way I swear (but everyone has some unfortunate ones hahaha, I cherish every single one of these photos). 
You just gotta embrace the pure golden quality of his face. There are no bad pictures of Kim Minseok, only different ones, ok? That’s it.

a one time thing (and other untruths) (24/24)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

"She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: So, this is the end. (Well, there’s an epilogue. Look for that soon, too.) It’s been really cool and fun and you guys are all really awesome. Seriously, I never expected to get the kind of response this fic has gotten, so thank you for reading and messaging me and enjoying this. Your enjoyment has given me joy, so thank you. I know I suck at responding to messages, but truly, I have read and appreciated them all. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you enjoy this last one. (Well, mostly last one.)

Special author’s note: There’s a thing in this chapter that’s very similar to another thing in another fic that was published recently. I promise that this was unintentional and I did not take the idea for my own upon reading said fic. I’ve spoken to the author in question about it, but I just wanted to be upfront about it. 

(Another shout out to swallowedsong for helping me with this chapter.)

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            It’s—it’s something, fatherhood.

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you are always here to me

i don’t think you understand how perfect this line is. because we went half the season with no mention of river, wondering where the hell she was and why she left him on a cloud hating the universe. we looked for references to her and thought we were reading too much into things like ‘the music room is the heart of the house’ and ‘the long song is over’. but we weren’t. we noticed those things because the doctor noticed them, because every reminder probably made his hearts skip a beat. she is always there to him. he sees her in everything, everywhere he goes. he doesn’t mention her because she never left. not really.


"…spending almost everyday with each other. We went mad in the end. You saw us. We were just insane. We developed a whole language, a whole world.” - Matt Smith