END!Natsu Nalu angst, the third and final installment (or is it? dun dun dun)

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The original theory was by little-dragneel and scam15o

And now to work on some FT angst week stuff. See you soon with more angst, ily all <3 

I’m the happiest person on this entire planet! <3 This weekend I went to Sherlocked- The Official Sherlock Con and met BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH himself!!!! <3 OH MY GOD! I’m in fangirl heaven and I won’t stop smiling until I’m a thousand years old!! :D He was absolutely gorgeous and nice and when I asked him if it was okay to take his hand, he said ‘Sure’ and now I’m so glad I asked him. SO I ACTUALLY HELD HANDS WITH BENEDICT!! asdfghjkl <3 It was absolutely fantastic!!!!

  • Person:wtf is it with that mcr fandom anyway? Why do people still run a blog about those people,i simply don't get it. Find a new band or smth. I mean,seriously why?
  • Me:You can't kill an idea.
  • Me:*starts crying*

you know those people who have just got it? like, it doesn’t matter if they just drew a sketch on their binder, there’s something about it that just kind of glows in a way that the exact same sketch wouldn’t if it were done by someone else. or writing! I work with so many writers, and you can just feel the click when someone gets it. it can be a worse story than someone else’s, even, but there’s something about it that just clicks — that goes beyond the generic formula and just is. or photography, when they do something that makes you look at the world completely differently. some people are just meant to be artists, and you can see it in every sentence, every stroke of the pen. it’s amazing.

I love her so much. I can’t believe this really happened. 
I know I keep going on about it. I can’t help it! 
Just, I had a wonderful day.
Saturdays I usually spend at hospital or at home, they are never really much fun.  
But on Saturday 25th of April I met Louise Brealey and so many amazing people. 
Sometimes, I am very scared of people, they can be mean, even by accident.
I get made fun of a lot, I get treated like a baby, or an idiot and it makes me feel sad. People don’t want to be friends with me,they just see, this girl in a wheelchair, who talks funny and isn’t able to do very much of anything.
I was scared at Sherlocked it might be like that but it wasn’t at all. It was like having lots of friends, it was a happy place to be. I just wanted to say hello and hug everyone, if I thought people weren’t wanting hugs, I would just wave crazy or smile or high five or fist bump ( I hugged loads of people and waved and gave high fives, I was just so happy to meet so many brilliant people!) 
I was so sleepy and shaky and hurting by half way through the day. But I was still smiling so much because I was so thrilled to be there. 
Mum is really proud of me and I think I’m not so scared of some things anymore. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you ship Klapollo? Do you just like it or are there reasons it's a good ship? Sorry I just started playing the game and I wondered why so many people ship it!

Well, Klapollo is in fact my Ace Attorney OTP and I could probably write a whole book about why it is a good ship xD I’ll try to make it short tho!

First of all, Klavier and Apollo have a great and interesting relationship in the games, which could be so much more if Capcom would actually make an AJ sequel *cough*

In-game, you can clearly see that they like each other in some way, even if it’s just that they respect each other. Apollo keeps calling Klavier “cool” or similar things, and even if he acts like he’s annoyed by him and just calls him “cool” because he’s angry at him, he get’s easily flustered when Klavier compliments him back. Klavier, on the other hand, treats him rather nicely (unlike any other prosecutor in the other games) and you could even say he flirts with him the same way he flirts with the “Fräuleins” :’) (Seriously… the first words he says to Apollo are enough to ship them XD) He trusts Apollo - even more than himself. If you’ve finished the game you will know what I mean. There are at least 3 times when he hints at this or even says it (if I remember correctly).

Both of them don’t really treat each other like rivals or enemies, like it’s usually with the lawyer-prosecutor relationship in the Ace Attorney games. They work together most of the time, and they might even become friends after the whole ordeal of the game(s). In my opinion they totally could be friends in canon if Capcom would let them :/ It would totally work out!

And here is where the headcanons have to take over, because unfortunately, there is not that much canon stuff about them. But once you’ve seen their relationship in the game(s), headcanons like “Klavier likes to tease Apollo because he likes to see him flustered” and “Klavier and Apollo adore each other above all else” make a lot of sense, actually. There is also a lot of potentional for angsty headcanons after both AJ and DD, but telling you more about it would spoil too much :’D

Whoops that wasn’t short after all, I’m sorry °xD It’s just… I could talk about them FOREVER XD

So my students are supposed to tell a fairy tale by memory for a reading festival, so we’ve been practicing every time they come to class. My favorite has to be from this one girl who’s like 6. “Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. She went into the forest, and some Death Eaters started doing Avada Kadavra on her, so she did Avada Kadavra back. They died. Then she went to her grandma’s house. The end.”

in honour of all black lives lost to police brutality

I’m going to paint something on my arm tomorrow/possibly write a poem for #blacklivesmatter and I’ll be sure to wear short sleeves so that everyone can see it. I want people to realize that what’s going on isn’t just some thing happening in a bunch of towns in the states, I want them to realize that it’s a societal issue in a ton of different places all around the world. It is pertinent, it is here, and it affects them too. It needs attention, and proper information being spread about it, but most of all, it needs to stop. I’ve never understood how one could discriminate against someone and be so cruel because the colour of their skin is different. The whole appropriation of black culture thing going on isn’t okay either. And then we all pretend like we’re not racist or contributing to it and it’s just some thing in the media. We pretend like it’s just whatever, and move on, but really, we should be pondering how to make a difference so that no more blacks should feel ashamed, so that white people don’t hate black people but love to appropriate their culture, so that black people don’t have to be scared to walk down the street, so that’s there’s no more suffering; no more precious lives lost. This is a huge mess. And it makes me so so mad that a lot of white people act like they’re not contributing, as they sit on their couch made by suffering black and brown people sipping on their sweet cup of white privilege. Honestly, how the hell did we manage to fuck up so badly that this is a reality?! How did we fuck up so bad?!?! I’m done.