A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
  • A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
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A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

"Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”


Have you ever been in a genocide? I have. 

guys I miss Marco

Jonathan Toews and Viktor Stalkberg skating together into the sunset towards Corey Crawford after the WCF Game 1 win vs. L.A. on 6/1/13.


He finds her out on the balcony. Jackie popped out for groceries to make for dinner, mumbling something about a shepherd’s pie long owed. They’re all quiet, subdued, in the wake of their return to the right universe. Jackie seems shell-shocked and on the edge of breaking and he thinks he’ll confine himself to the TARDIS tonight lest he overhear her crack. That seems too private a thing for the relationship they have.

 Rose retreated after she cried herself out and he let her, tinkering to keep himself busy, but when he emerged Jackie was leaving and she was nowhere to be seen. He made tea and went to look. The flat is small and it only took a moment to see her silhouetted by harsh street lamps

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Lie down with me, Watson.


I insist. x

vampire academy meme challenge: 1/2 locations — st. vladimir’s academy

oh god in this interview liz touches on the subject of something that has always annoyed me, that is when people make fun of the fact that she and iain used to say fitzsimmons only have a brother/sister relationship. she’s laughing like, “that’s how WE saw it!” and she actually says she feels silly about that now. meanwhile there’s still a part of the fandom that acts like they knew from the beginning that fitzsimmons was gonna have a romantic turn eventually and were sorta trying to “hide that” from the fans or something, when in reality they knew nothing and they were talking honestly about how they saw the relationship. this may be silly of me but i personally think it’s kind of unnecessary to make fun of something that actors say when they’re talking so genuinely about how they feel towards the characters that they play themselves just cause you don’t agree with their opinion, but maybe that’s just me.

i just really wanna hug liz cause she clearly loves fitzsimmons as friends so much god she appreciates their non-romantic relationship SO MUCH she understands the characters SO DAMN WELL and i don’t know whether she personally wants them to be together romantically or not and honestly i couldn’t fucking care any less because she truly believes that they’re amazing together, romantically or not, and that’s what matters the most to me, and apparently to her too, which is pretty fucking amazing if you ask me. it’s pretty rare to see a relationship between a guy and a girl that isn’t romantic, and even though fitzsimmons isn’t 100% like that anymore, it’s hella nice to have two actors who appreciate their amazing relationship so much, and rarely ever talked about the possibility of a romance.

freckledmarcoo said:

Hey!! Sorry for the bother but if you don't mind me asking, how'd you color Burdge's drawing? It looks really beautiful, and I've been trying to color my own sketches digitally, it would be great help!! Thank you in advance!!!!

I’m working on a proper colouring tutorial with brushes and how to pick colour and all that boring theory stuff because how I do stuff in photoshop is really simple and I’m afraid it will be pretty useless but I’m going to do it anyway

You open the file in photoshop


And open that thing down there and choose Color Balance and this is going to open


You need to play around until you get the colour you want. I usually go for warm browns but anything works. Also to make that little arrow on the layer appear you need to right-click over he text part and select create clipping mask

if you don’t to this the Color Balance is going to affect all the layers you put underneath (you’re going to put the colour there and you don’t want to mess it up before even starting)


The last step until you decide this is useless. You set the sketch layer to multiply and create a new layer underneath

easy peasy right?


THen you paint there is no magic or anything. Lots of colour theory, practise and shit but no computer program trick

most people work on different layers but I always paint on the wrong one and end up merging them anyway

I usually put background first, then put on colours on characters with a giant soft brush and then go over it with a harder one because there are no lines or limits for soft brushes

if something is not dark enough sometimes I create a new layer in multiply mode and darken the thing but I merge it down immediately

same with overlays for light parts

I also abuse the tool picker a lot and pretend I know about reflected light by putting colours of stuff close to the thing on the thing wow I’m really good at english

I know I’m useless I’m doing a long ass tutorial soon haha soon it’s going to take years explaining this part better because this is shit sorry


then I abuse adjustment layers since I didn’t like how the scarves colours looked I created new Color Balance layers to fix it

also the little black or white square on the right is a masking layer. Which means that if you paint something black in there it will hide that part of the layer so you can paint white only what you want to adjust and you’ll only edit that part

and I know you can just select and do it from the controls up there but this way you can double click the balance symbol on the layer and readjust the settings and just generally play around more easily with stuff without messing up what you’ve already done

It’s also a good idea to then add at the top layers of Curves and Color Balance to fix the whole drawing



this took literally 20 seconds and you can change the whole lighting and mood really fast and it’s really cool (you can do this only in a part of the drawing using the masking layers)

So yeah, I don’t know if I helped much but here it goes


also if you’re not wondering on how to colour in the sense of techniques but in the sense of choosing and using colour in general check this awesome tutorial because it’s literally my Bible it covers everything and it covers it really well

#So this is the thing I feel gets overlooked about Itachi#he killed everyone#Adults and children alike#It was a whole clan he wiped out#All for the sake of Sasuke#This is why I don’t sympathize with him as a character#He killed men fighting back and babies that night#Mothers with their children behind them#It makes it hard for me to accept Danzo or the Third as anything other than very weak men#And makes it hard for me to interact with Itachi Muses#He could have exposed the whole plan#He could have killed Danzo there were so many other options and he chose to that#Mun and Muse are hard pressed to sympathize with him


2: 011.

[this is the SEQUEL ~read STORY 1 by clicking this artfully placed link~]

In three days, Isaac has acquired seventeen texts and eight calls from Cassandra, two texts and one call from Mickey, and zero sightings of Raz.

            He thinks his bed is slightly warm in the morning on the side that he leaves open, but maybe this is a hallucination too.

            He doesn’t know anymore, he doesn’t know anything anymore.

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I have a confession to make:

I just don’t give that much of a shit about Steve Rogers or Bucky Barnes


I’m literally having the hardest time concentrating I need some encouragement in the form of a kitten boy so if any of you peeps in LA run into Michael can you just tell him to fly up to Ohio for a bit so I can maybe give him a bj and then have him tell me that I can do this and that I’m not such a giant worthless sack of potatoes that’d be great

are you ever just like, really awake at night and you start thinking of all the stuff you could be doing, and it’s not even realistic? like trying to become really successful and famous over night but instead you just kinda lay there thinking about pizza?