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For those prompts will you write something for Zutara #17 & #12? pretty please?

12: things you said when you thought i was asleep
17: things you said that i wish you hadn’t
(this is actually kind of light-hearted?)

Toph had been needy and drunk, and she had desired for more drinks. Katara was the only one who knew exactly where to find them.

The problem was that said drinks were located in his room.

She told repeatedly herself that she shouldn’t be here, but the familiarity of his room made it seem okay, made it seem so right for her to step foot inside.

She purposely lingered away from his bed where he slept, measuring the distance from the crimson sheets to her body and methodically avoiding him just so. There was no point in interaction between them; she was only getting a drink.

However, on the other side of the room, Zuko was frozen in his place, unable to move. He knew it was her, he didn’t have to open his eyes because he could sense her even if he was blind. Shit, he thought.

Katara successfully gathered the drinks she wanted from Zuko’s secret cabinet of goodies and began to walk away.

Then she stopped. And he heard it.

“Your hair is longer now,” she muttered. “It doesn’t suit you.”

A beat, and then–

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, words dripping with more waiting to come out.

But she said nothing more, and he heard her footsteps fade away accordingly, until the door was shut and his hands were pressed to his face.

“Shit,” he groaned. Why did she have to say that?…

The next day, he came out of his room with obnoxiously shaggy hair that brought back the times of his youth, and all she could do was stare in shock.

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Together For The Media (Chapter 2/?)

Anonymus’ requested:

“imagine milex pretending to date for publicity’s sake or some shit but then it turns real and can you please write this?”

Okay here’s chapter 2. I’m trying so hard to not let them fuck and it’s so hard omfg SORRY! Chapter 3 coming soon!

here’s Chapter 1

Together For The Media (Chapter 2/?)

“Did you have scummy dreams?” chuckled Miles as he smirked seeing Alex’s surprised but sleepy expression.

“Ey.. What you doing here?” Asked the other tiredly and shifting a little in the tub.

“I’m waking you up, you could have drowned..” Said Miles as he continued to wipe some lather from Al’s chin.

“Haha have you never fallen asleep during a bath, Kane? I see you as the kind of fella..” smirked Alex.

“Haha yeah I actually did. A few times…”

Alex smiled satisfied but his smile faded away when he remembers what he saw on TV before..

“Something wrong?” Asked Miles as he saw his mate’s a little worried expression.

“Well I was just thinking about this… disaster, yeah.. I want to call it that way, we have done this morning. They are already talking on the news about this, mate..”

“I know” chuckled the younger one. “Also the newspaper aren’t quite about us. And there were a few people around me before. Asking me about this..”

“And how did you answer? What did you say?” his face had a little concerned expression.

“Nothing bad, baby.” He said as he started the stroke his mate’s shampooed hair and caressing his face. “I told them we’ve been together since long and we just admitted it now. And I added that we don’t really like to talk about it in public so maybe they’ll calm down a little…”

Alex sighed altho’ Mi noticed he relaxed under his touches.

“I told them i’m happy to be with you and i’m happy that I chose you cause you are just so precious.” He held his mate’s chin and made him look at his eyes. “I told them that I just couldn’t resist you… Cause who can actually resist you, Turner?! With this precious little face and those wonderful big eyes… And your pink and soft lips…”

He said the last line nearly whispering and still looking him deep in the eye, while he traced his mate’s lower lip with his thumb. Alex’s mouth was half open and he brushed his upper lip on Mi’s thumb, nearly taking it in his mouth.

But then he just smirked and turned his face around, turning the hot water on and pulling the bath plug away.

He stood up and started to wash his soaped body, closing his eyes under the water and pulling his hair back, all soaked. Miles smirked as he watched him.

“You’re a tease.” he grinned as his eyes roamed over his mate’s body.

“Huh?” Asked the other, acting all nonchalantly and turning around, hands still massaging his hair.

Miles just continued to stare at his body, his gaze wandering up and down.

“Can I join ya, Turner? I think I need a shower right now. I feel oddly dirty all of a sudden…” he said convinced as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Oh ehh… well, yeah… come in..”

He shifted a little for making some space for his mate. He didn’t really show it but he felt a kind of strange feeling and was a little afraid of something, but what?!

He watched his mate undress and enter the tub when he was completely naked, standing next to him.

“Ohh the water is rather hot, Turner.”

“Eh yeah it’s relaxing…” Alex answered as he continued to soap his body and wanted to look away but he noticed Miles was starring at his body. He felt Miles’ eyes on him the whole time and he felt observed and a little uncomfortable. His mate stood right behind him

“Is this relaxing you too?” he asked as he soaped and massaged his back.

He jumped a little at his touch and it was like he’s been waiting the whole time for this but he’s also been afraid of this.

“Y-yeah…” he murmured, still afraid and not sure what were Mi’s intentions.

Now his hands started slowly moving too his chest, all soapy and wet, and it seemed like he was hugging him from behind. He loved those touches and he felt so secure and protected in his arms.
He moved closer and he loved the feeling of his mate’s chest touching his back.

He turned his face around a little, holding his eyes closed in an innocent manner. Miles loved his precious face.

“Can I exercise a little for our next live appearance?” Miles asked grinning.

Alex just nodded and then Miles took his chin gently and turned his head a little better around, coming closer and softly pressing his lips on Alex’s.

This was all Alex actually wanted and his heart started to beat frantically. Miles deepened the kiss, really slowly, he gently bit his mate’s lower lip and started to nibble at it. Alex opened his mouth completely again, for Miles’ tongue to enter. He always lets Miles do everything cause he was still a little insecure and afraid of his actions, and Miles loves it. He loves how Alex is so innocent and passive and gives up the control so he can take over him. His tongue was dancing the whole time with his mate’s one and he started to get more aggressive and took Alex by the shoulders, turning him completely around so he was facing him now. But their mouths were still attached and Miles held Alex’s face and gave in even more, he just couldn’t get enough of this amazing feeling. So was Alex, he started to silently whine at those kisses but when Miles deepened the kiss he just gave up and whined rather audibly and loudly, desperately wanting more, and roaming through his mate’s wet chest. Miles smirked into the kiss as he heard the noises and pulled away, just to stare him in the eyes. Alex’s eyes were all dark and radiated with lust as he stared Miles back, his lips slightly parted.

“Fuck..” whispered Miles’ as he saw his mate’s turned on expression.

“You enjoy this, don’t you?” he smirked as he continued to look at him.

Alex just nodded calmly, he felt so high right now. Miles’ kisses are a drug.

He looked down and let the water soak his whole body.

“Take me…” he whispered and Miles couldn’t resist so he just pulled him under his arms and they stayed very close, Alex snuggling in his chest.

Miles held him very tight, he pressed their bodies together.

Alex started to kiss his chest, little, light and soft kisses, showing his feelings toward his mate. Miles smirked and he loved it.

Alex started slowly to go up and he was placing the kisses on his mate’s neck now, sucking at the soft skin and biting really gentle. Miles loved how the boy was working on him but he suddenly pulled away. Alex looked at him with displease and in an apologetic manner but Miles smirked back and pinned him against the wall attached at the tub and started to snog the hell out of him again. Alex whined, because he wanted to pull away and because he loved it.


Miles went a little lower, attacking his neck now. He sucked gently at first but then he started to bite and nibble harshly, leaving marks.

“Ahh.. Miles..” He closed his eyes and pulled at his mate’s hair.
Miles was doing a great job there and he couldn’t afford not to moan.

He bit his neck harder now and was nibbling at it roughly now.

Alex moaned louder, biting his lip so hard it started to bleed. He was so turned on and he wanted more but he just couldn’t admit it.

Miles pulled away and attached himself at his mate’s lips now again. As he kissed him he noticed the blood and started to chuckle..

“Babe, look how horny you were, you bit your lip and you made it bleed.”

Alex groaned and looked down.

“Can we go to bed?” he asked wearily with tired pleading eyes.

“Of course, sweetie. You look so done.”

As they got out of the tub and dried up, Miles noticed Alex’s boner and smirked.

“I noticed, you do really enjoy this game Turner.”

Alex quickly put a towel around his waist, hiding his private zones and with a raised brow he acted all nonchalantly.

“What are you even talking about?!” he murmured as he combed his hair.

Miles smirked and observed him from the mirror.

“What are you combing your hair before we go to bed, mate?!” he chuckled as he slapped his mate’s butt in a jokingly way and left the bathroom.

Alex felt strange but there was something in this feeling he loved very much. Something that made him smile as he watched his reflection in the mirror and then went to his room.


They were both laying on Al’s bed, under the blanket and watching the TV. The news on the music channel were talking about them two again and as Alex noticed it he sank his face into the pillow and groaned

“Noo! Put it away! Turn it off! I’ve had enough of this crap for today..”

“Crap?” Miles looked at him with a raised brow.

He smirked a little when the paparazzi pictures of them two snogging appeared on the tv screen.

“You are the one who enjoys is most, don’t you Turner?”

“Miles please! Just turn the tv off and let’s go to bed.” Alex’s voice sounded pissed.

“Yeah yeah alright.. don’t get so grumpy..”

He took the remote control and turned the tv off.

He shifted and was now laying by his side, facing Alex, who was facing Miles.

“I can’t see your face. It’s too dark.” whispered Alex.

“Why are you whispering?” answered Miles also whispering.

“Because you do it too.” chuckled Alex.

Miles chuckled too and he suddenly put his hand behind Al’s head, pulling him closer and making their foreheads touch.

“Wh-what..?” Alex was a little confused but he was still smiling, finding Miles’ gesture adorable. And when he felt his breath on his mouth he had this strange feeling again.

“You feeling good, babe?” asked Miles. He was smiling too, stroking Al’s hair with one hand and caressing his cheek with the other.

“Couldn’t feel any better.” smiled Alex and he shifted even closer. His heart was beating fast like mad.

Miles lowered his hands and had his arms around his friend’s waist now.
Then there was a moment of dead silence and no one was moving when suddenly Miles pressed his lips against Alex’s.

Alex gave totally in without hesitation this time, tasting and loving Miles’ thin and wet lips. Miles did the same, loving Al’s lips, so soft and full.

“I love to kiss you” he whispered between gasps cause they were slowly taking each other’s breath away.

Miles nibbled harshly at Al’s lower lip, biting and tugging it with his teeth. The lust that overran his whole body and mind was driving him wild.

Their breathes became heavier and more desperate but they didn’t care. They couldn’t pull away now.
Not now.

End chapter 2.

(chapter 3 coming soon)