imagine waking up next to luke one morning and you roll over to face him and he’s already awake watching you and stroking your hair and you give him this little smile and he kisses your forehead and you rest your head on his chest and let out this sigh feeling all content in his arms until you suddenly turn over and look at the clock and you remember that today is the day the boys leave for tour and you turn over again and luke has this little frown in his face and he’s chewing on the inside of his cheek with nerves because he knows exactly what you’re thinking and you can feel your eyes start to tear up at the thought of him leaving and he just pulls you closer to him without saying a word and wraps his arms around you and mumbles cute i love you’s in your ear anD COOL I’M GOING TO GO WALK OFF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING WHAT HAVE I DONE

Tonight, I was riding the Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with my friend Jorge. We ride it all the time, so we were on our phones, not paying much attention. We were rounding the corner into the scene from Singin’ in the Rain when Jorge gasped and grabbed his heart and told me the news. We spent the entire ride in a state of shock… At the end of the ride, as movie clips fly by, my heart raced. I know these clips by heart, and I knew what was coming. When he finally appeared on the screen to call out, “GOOOOOOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!” my friend Jorge stood and we both hollered and applauded. No one knew what was going on… but we knew they’d find out later.

What a loss.