i'm shaking

1989 verses + chorus // layered
  • 1989 verses + chorus // layered
  • T. Swfit

i really enjoyed making this, 1989 is one of the greatest albums i’ve ever heard and this just made it even more exciting. use headphones! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ 

The amount of happiness I feel right now is so overwhelming. Sasuke finally let himself be loved after everything he suffered, after loosing everything he knew and closing the gates to his wounded heart. Now he lives with a wife and child which are two enormously beautiful things a person can have in their life and it’s made me ecstatic. I really have no exact words to express how happy I am that Sasuke has finally found happiness…

i am petrified of big dogs and dads making me watch a movie about a rabid one  mauling people and it’s bloody and half dead and i feel sick and i want to cry omg i’m such a baby

at the same time i’m sick and uncomfortable but then ‘m also laughing how ridiculous i’m being hehe