So I’m moving into my new place on Sunday! 

Moving is such a hard thing to do - there are water/gas/power companies to call, identification to give, what is insurance I don’t even, deposits to pay, furniture to obtain and transport - it’s endless and I don’t really get how I came here at the beginning of the month, thinking, “Yeah sure, I’ll figure it out.”  

On another hand, a month ago I wouldn’t have known about all this stuff, (or, indeed, had to think about it) I’m trying to stop giving myself such a hard time for being ignorant about adulty things, and instead trying to focus on learning as much as I can. I’m also infinitely blessed to have found my housemate, who has made this entire endeavour so much less painful than it could have been.

Everyone was right in saying, “You’ll never feel ready.” 

It’s true - it’s happening now and I’m not ready. But it’s happening and somehow I’m doing it, and honestly that’s rather reassuring. 

After this week, I will have a new home. Now isn’t that something.