"I have a friend who doesn’t get football. He always asks me, ‘Why are countries so proud of their football team? Especially when they score; it sounds like a third world war with all the cheering and yelling.’ I admit, it can be dangerous mixing football and nationalism together. Yet somehow, they go together perfectly. That feeling of pride when your country scores. There’s nothing better, my friend. Absolutely nothing."

imagine your favourite character getting fatally wounded after protecting you in battle. you frantically try and stop the bleeding but it’s too late. they never even get to finish their last sentence before they die, shirt soaked in their own blood, hand grasped tightly around yours

nothing is more terrifying than realizing that you’re almost eighteen and have no money or work experience. 

Things I Wish Adults Would Stop Asking Me About

1) Where I’m going to college
2) What my career will be
3) Whether I’m getting a job this summer
4) When I’m getting my driver’s license

Most people forget about shifts and don’t show up for shifts and I’ve done that once or twice, sure but what did I just do?
I just showed up and worked four hours of a night shift totally normal before someone else showed up for the second half and I realized I wasn’t even supposed to work tonight at all. The 12-4am guy didn’t even show up or call and no one noticed cuz everyone thought I was working it, including me. It wasn’t til the 4-8am chick showed up that I realized I was only supposed to work last night and 4-8pm this afternoon. This is what happens when your boss is trying to make a schedule over the phone while you are sick and running between classes on the second day of the new semester.

my life is just one big “i mean i can drive myself but everyone else can also drive and i can pay them to drive me places soooooo”