On CoHF, Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose, and the trials of love.

In case you couldn’t guess, massive COHF spoilers abound.  In case you actually care, Sailor Moon spoilers as well.

You.  Yes, you, the devoted Shadowhutner Chronicle fan who doesn’t care to read the unnecessary meta.  Too bad, read this one anyway. Sit your self down, buckle your seat-belts, nail on your helmets and mentally prepare for the exploration of love and devotion in two not so unrelated works — City of Heavenly Fire and The Promise of the Rose.  

City of Heavenly Fire’s plot, when simmered down, is roughly as follows; the Antagonist, being Sebastian, is in ‘love’ with Clary.  He does not understand love, due to the artificial corrupting force inside of him - demonic blood.  The blood, and it’s connections, gives him the ability to have his own world, and the will to destroy the one we live in.  He kidnaps Clary’s loved ones, and Clary and her posse mosey on down to hell to save said loved ones and kill Sebastian.  They end up slaying the evil inside him instead, and Sebastian, now capable of love and empathy, ceases to be the villain.  However, they’re still in a really rough spot, being stuck in hell.  Simon, in an act of love for his friends, sacrifices his memories and immortality to save the day.  After the fact, his friends bring back these memories out of love for him.

Most of you probably haven’t watched The Promise of the Rose.  Here’s the rundown.  The Antagonist, being Fiore, is in ‘love’ with Mamoru.  He barely knows him, having had to leave him years ago, and no longer understands love due to the artificial corrupting force controlling him - the Xenian flower.  This flower gives him the idea that he can destroy Earth with it’s floral evils, and that he and Mamoru can live there afterwards.  He kidnaps Mamoru, so Usagi and her sailor scout posse mosey on over to the asteroid they’ve run off to in order to save Mamoru.  (For the record, to those who don’t know, Mamoru would be Usagi’s boyfriend.)  They kill Xenian, and Fiore realizes he’s done wrong and understands love and empathy.  He ceases to be the Antagonist.  Usagi, out of love for mankind and her friends, uses all of her silver crystal to stop the asteroid from hitting earth. This kills her.  However, a kiss from Mamoru brings her back to life. 

There are clear differences here.  Audience, for one; CoHF is YA, tPotR is a children’s film.  But the overarching plot elements are so similar for a reason.  Each piece examines how we should and shouldn’t love, what love is, and what it isn’t.  

We’re given a villain who, at their core, has humanity.  They have a capacity for love and connection. Their villainy comes from the corruption they’re smeared with.  This evil is so smothering that their humanity is warped out of focus, but this humanity, as humanity tends to be, was so strong that it motivated the most cruel of actions.  Both antagonists craved the love of another person, someone they decided for one reason or another was like them somehow.  But it was a selfish love, one without any regard for the wants of the other party. 

Then, we see healthy love.  Our protagonist does something sacrificing, something scary to save the people they love.  Simon’s memory.  Usagi’s life.  They do it without a second thought.  And the people who watched them make that sacrifice, the people who love them, they in turn pull them back on their feet.  

Good vs. Evil is timeless and tired.  No one frankly cares, when it’s presented as flatly as that.  But love is one of the more interesting things in the goddamned universe, and thus, the examination of it is fascinating.  We’re intrigued by bad love, because we know it’s wrong.  We want to see where it’s going, and to an extent, we sympathize, because that’s the villain looking for the same fucking thing a lot of us are.  And we root for the healthy love, the love of friends or of a partner, and the selfless power it provides.  Whether it’s Usagi or Clary, ladies and their friends paving the way to justice by the power of love is something I at least don’t get tired of.  


lol what came to mind when I saw their teasers & for my potential fanfic :3

starbuildstrike said:

nyooms at u b/c I smelled dad headcanons


Basilio: the dad that can cow you into behaving by snapping his belt (and does it a lot), but would never actually hit you and you both know it so you wonder why that even works on you. Lets you watch R-rated movies with him when mom thinks you’re asleep.

Chrom: the dad that is at all your sports practices and band concerts to support you, even when he has no idea what’s going on. Also all your friends’ parents and some of your friends think he’s hot and it’s awkward. Brings all your crappy artwork in to work so he can put it on his desk.

Donnel: the dad that is always like “pffff they’re fine” when your mom or a neighbour worries about you climbing a tree or playing outside in the rain or wrestling with the dog. Always tells you to get off your dang computer and go outside. Always takes you to the park or pool if you ask to go.

Frederick: the dad that is too overprotective, but you are still secretly glad he made you bring that sweater he knitted you because you did get cold after all. Is always one of the parent chaperones for field trips. Makes all your lunches and always gets you to school on time.

Gaius: the dad that sneaks you dessert after mom says no. Gives the best advice because he did all the dumb shit there ever was to do and knows how dumb it was, now.

Gregor: the dad who jokes a lot but really gets down to business when he needs to. Often sits back and lets you make your own mistakes, because you’ll learn from them. Is too friendly and embarrassing when you have friends over, but for reasons you can’t fathom, your friends all think he’s hella. 

Henry: the dad who makes everything fun, even bad things (“The power’s out because of a thunderstorm? Sounds like that terrifying story I told you last night!” “Sure, you scraped your knee pretty bad, but you’ll have a really cool battle scar later!”). Always willing to help with homework, especially the science-fair-exploding-volcano variety. King of Dad Jokes, of course.

Kellam: the dad you never see because he’s always at work, yet the rare moments you genuinely need him (that time you needed stitches, that time your car broke down) he is around to help out.

Libra: the dad that pulls you to church every Sunday as a kid but tells you when you’re older that it was for family bonding purposes and lets you make your own religious decisions without pressure. Makes mom do all the disciplining because he can’t stand doing it himself. Is always telling you that you’re beautiful and great.

Lon’qu: the dad who only has to look at you a certain way to make you super sorry you broke the rules. Always makes you feel safe, for some reason, even when you’re old enough to know your parents aren’t invincible or perfect. Always lets you climb in bed with him and mom if you have nightmares.

Ricken: the dad that is constantly playing with you, no matter how silly the games are, like when the living room carpet is lava and he is the lava monster. He’ll also play video games with you when you’re a teen.

Stahl: the dad that always makes dinner, instead of mom doing it or even having a mom-dad balance. The most likely to talk through disciplinary problems with you instead of resorting to shouting or grounding.

Vaike: the dad who cheers really loudly at your events like “YEAH THAT’S MY KID YOU GO KID.” (This goes for everything from football practice to piano recitals.) Sometimes he gets into fights with other parents about how much better than their kid you are. Brags about you all the time at work. Makes you learn how to play every sport so he has someone to shout at the TV with.

Virion: the dad that demands good grades and good manners and forces you to shave when you start growing your first awful pre-pubescent ‘stache. Also slips you condoms before prom because “For heaven’s sake safety first but also have a good time if ya know what I mean.”