i love that rin doesn’t even seem to care that haru shouted at him last time they saw each other

he just shows up to sweep him off his feet like motherfuckin prince charming 

CLICK AND DRAG IT, weinerman-tested!!!

happy late bday, ms. Thani!  I made a very high quality top notch doodle of your sons for you, from your favorite show Rando Dando 8th Year Samurai.  I think they’re trapped in some kind of invisible box that I forgot to draw.  I haven’t done you a birthday pic in awhile now so I figure you’re due for one.  Have fun and make cool shit at college!!!

whenever you look up at the stars, think of one of them as my soul" is so cheesy but god knows like the stargazing, Optimus-loving sap that i am, i nodded my head and whispered to the movie screen "yeah. yeah i will" (◕‿◕,)