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Was tagged by like-all-good-lions to list my current top 10 fave songs?

Whelp, here are the ten that I am currently listening to on repeat in the order that’s on my iPod so…

1) Chandelier - Sia
2) Elastic Heart - Sia
3) I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
4) Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
5) I.D.G.A.F.O.S - Dillion Francis
6) Applause - Lady Gaga
7) Marry You - Bruno Mars
8) Girl Gone Wild - Madonna
9) Blank Space - Taylor Swift
10) Style - Taylor Swift

I am tagging…. kiksladiks, cocoastars, cocktailpolitics, auburnskies24, be-the-diference nugsrightsactivist mostly cause I wanna see your music lists >:)

For some odd reason, I really, really want to read some (BRAND NEW) incredibly angsty mpreg!Blaine stuff.

Like, right freakin’ now. Anybody wanna be a peach and write some gut twisting mpreg!Blaine for me? Or maybe send me things they would like to read someday in the future? Pleeeeaaaase? <3

Digital watercolour painting of Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire created with ArtRage 4.5.

I had so many problems drawing this one you have no idea, so I hope you all like it! bc i don’t shh

Please do not repost - that’s not very nice. I worked really hard on this, thank you! ^^


Meus pais me ensinaram a agradecer mais do que se queixar, sorrir mais do que ficar triste. Sou privilegiado, tenho a oportunidade de representar 200 milhões de pessoas alegres porque esse é um traço da cultura do povo brasileiro. Jogo ao lado de jogadores que têm história de vida de superação, num grupo de amigos. Então, por que ficar triste? - David Luiz


So in honor of ace awareness week, I thought I’d share one of my personal favorite videos on the subject, by the lovely Lindsey Doe. This is her channel if you wanna check out all of her videos (which I definitely recommend).


2014 in graphics // 1 2 3 4 5 6-7 8 9 10 // [ 2013 ]

"And you're going to help us save Derek."

Teen Wolf AU: things I wished would happen next season

Werejaguar!Kate took Derek. When everything seems hopeless, Stiles and Lydia come up with an unexpected plan that is either brilliant or insane or both. They find out that every kitsune owns an object that is precious to them, containing all their powers. Whoever finds themself in possession of that object has control over the fox; it can no longer use its powers against them and has to follow orders. When the firefly got captured in the box made of the Nemeton’s wood, the pact was unknowingly made. With Noshiko’s knowledge of how to summon a certain kitsune, Stiles and Lydia take the risk. Derek’s life or theirs. Nogitsune is not quite happy about being turned into a pet, and one thing is for sure, should he ever get his kitsune ball back, his revenge will be more devastating than ever.

fyi I will not accept ‘dead’ as an option for the nogitsune okay so he is totally summonable and not killed by a freaking bite he’s just kinda put on a leash if you will


Somereallygreathair’s List of People With Some Really Great Hair:
↪ David Tennant