aeryn sun meme ♔ [six/seven] scenes (part two)

Green and black and silver honed,
Unto great art are your words loaned:
Excite the mind, enrich the life,
Always a smile, even in strife.
We speak not now of god made good,
But rather of the one we should,
Whose arduous art would drive away
All our doubts, and leave us to say
That as it stands, we are the ones blessed
To have known such a one and stood by her test.
And so have have I come forth this day,
To remind you in poetic way

That it is you we come see—
For surely it can’t only be me—
Enchanted by your words and soul
Fulfilled and feeling all the more whole
To know such a one in this world thrives
And such is how memory survives.

So in your glory, we’ll raise our glass!
(And if you didn’t like this poem—KISS MY ASS!)

Fondest birthday wishes to a young woman who truly deserves them. Amber, you’ve been a bright point of light on my dash since the first time we met: You stood by me when things got dark, and I am lucky beyond all reckoning to still count you as a friend and partner. I know—doesn’t everyone?—that adulthood is scary, but you are ready for it. It will come to you in due time, and you’ll exceed all your hopes and expectations, I just know it. Thank you, for being a true friend, for sharing yourself with the world, for everything you’ve done for this community and everything you will do for the world.
Remember: Head up! Ears open! Chin high! And smile, because you’re so much more than you know.

Outofmagic: You know something? 

You are just… one of the best people I’ve had the privilege of meeting on this website. I love talking to you. I love our crazy plots (and yes, Glitch and Loki are coming in like a wrecking ball, son) and I love just getting to know you. You’re so sweet and kind and everyone should have a friend just like you. You make the world a bit brighter and that is something so special to someone like me.

This poem and kind words… I’m not going to lie about it, I’m tearing up just reading them and I’m going to probably print them up and hang them above my desk so I have a fresh bit of motivation whenever I’m feeling down. This means so much to me, thank you, darling, thank you.


The keychain being Emma’s poster almost makes it feel like it’s just as much Neal’s poster, even with him gone, because the keychain was such an important part of their story, together or apart. It survived a curse, all for Neal to give it back to Emma just like he gave it to her in the first place, and she held on, knowing it was important, even if he was gone.


I hate goodbyes

with friends made and things discovered, Homestuck did a lot for me, you know? It really helped shape exactly who I am, and taught me things about life and friendship and hardship and myself. So I thought I’d make this as a sendoff to those characters that were always there even when it was hard for me. Thank you. Thank you all.

EDIT 10/19/13

At 8000 notes and growing I made an edit to make the characterizations and quirks more accurate, and increased the length of several of the messages! Help and feedback via cool cat Amy! (AKA tumblr user apatheticallypink)

And thank you all for the 8k+ notes! I never expected this. Y’all are super cool people!


Jared is known to be very generous to his loved ones and it seems to be very true as we can see in his behavior toward Jensen. Indeed, after buying him a PSP so that they could play together between takes, Jared also bought for his buddy a very nice watch. It’s after noticing Jensen admire the watch he had bought for himself that Jared bought him the same one a few days later. Furthermore, Jared also bought him an electric-eye (a device used to measure light) for his birthday because Jensen is interested in photography. According to Jared: What’s the point of having money other than making people around you happy?” [x]


let’s talk about the fact that liam has a /specific pout/ for when zayn isn’t there

exhibit A: 


exhibit B:


I honestly don’t know why anyone’s talking about anything else right now because nothing is more important.


I can’t remember if we’ve ever discussed this, but one thing that really jumped out at me while re-watching Stairway to Heaven just now was how Cas kept glancing over at Dean as Metatron spoke. In the top gif, Metatron has just implied that none of them know the real Castiel, and it’s clear why he looked at Dean then, as he had been worrying the entire episode that Dean didn’t trust him.

The second gif, however, is what really breaks my heart. Metatron has just brought up Cas’ stolen grace, and how it’s burning him out. Up to this point Dean had no idea that Cas was dying, and I think he wanted to keep this information from him at all costs. Cas was in the midsts of trying to get to Heaven in order to try and save Dean from the mark, all the while trying to protect him from the knowledge that he was likely not going to be around much longer. I think Cas felt guilt for not telling him for sure, but most of all he felt protective. To quote Karen Singer, when Dean asked her in 5x15 why she didn’t just tell Bobby that she remembered how she died:

My job is to bring him peace…not pain.

And recall how Karen told Dean he couldn’t understand this because he had never been in love. Then recall that moments later Metatron reveals Castiel’s true weakness. But, like Karen, it was not humanity he was protecting, it was always one man…


so much feelings for this trio (especially after chapter 21) _(:’3」∠)_

I like to think that after Marco’s death, Sasha and Connie made it their responsibility to hang out with Jean as much as possible and watch over him for Marco, hoping to make it hurt less(though Jean ends up being the one watching over them instead LOL).

It doesn’t fill the hole Marco left, but Jean’s grateful for the both of them… and he’ll never tell that to them h-haha

shh I just have a lot of feelings for jean if that wasn’t obvious enough


I always tried to protect you. Keep you safe. Dad didn’t even have to tell me. It was just always my responsibility, you know? It’s like I had one job. I had one job. And I screwed it up. I blew it. And for that, I’m sorry. I guess that’s what I do. I let down the people I love. I let Dad down. And now, I guess I’m just supposed to let you down too. How can I? Am I supposed to live with that? What am I supposed to do? Sammy. What am I supposed to do?


"The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well."