please consider: rihanna as crowley and lupita as aziraphale 


this brought to you by the committee for the healthy perpetuation of good omens fancasts that don’t involve a) benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman, b) benedict cumberbatch and matt smith, c) martin freeman and matt smith, or d) all the above + arthur darvill 

If there comes a day where I meet a guy who pulls me out of hell, rebels against his entire family, rewrites the course of destiny that was hard wired into his being, starts a civil war in my name, fight despite his mental state and incessant need for peace, breaks through mind control that was specifically focused on killing me, gives up his entire army for me, and destroys the most powerful weapon in existence for me, then I’m gonna go ahead and assume that he has a little crush on me.

But guys, think about super close platonic relationships
  • Platonic reassuring shoulder/arm/hand grabbing
  • Platonic tight, meaningful hugs
  • Platonic late-night deep conversations that end in at least one person holding back tears or sobbing
  • Platonic sleeping in the same bed
  • Platonic forehead touches
  • Platonic staring into each other’s eyes like the other person is the world
  • Platonic CUDDLES


okay i feel like we really need to get something straight here


  • absolutely no one tries to excuse his reprehensible actions or argue that he is objectively a good person
  • people love him for being a ruthless and creepy villain

mary criticizers:

  • do not try to excuse her reprehensible actions or argue that she is objectively a good person
  • are fully prepared and downright eager to love her for being a ruthless and creepy villain

mary sympathizers:

  • rationalize contract killing, lying to one’s spouse about one’s entire identity and luring them into marrying a person who doesn’t even exist, and shooting the unarmed protagonist of the show who was offering help
  • insist that mary must be loved as a person strictly for being female
  • accuse people of hating or being disrespectful for suggesting that mary would be a phenomenal villain

and yet somehow the pro-mary crowd is always accusing the anti-mary crowd of having the double standard and being misogynistic

sorry, but no

so for all of you who keep asking people “why do you hate mary but love moriarty?” i want to ask “why don’t you hold mary as a person to the same standards that you hold moriarty, and why can’t you appreciate her potential as a villain the same way people appreciate moriarty as a villain?”

"I’m not fine at all"- Everyone right now probably


like if you just abandon the notion that characters are straight by default, like if you abandon the premise that straight characters never have to state their sexual orientation and queer characters always do, it becomes virtualy impossible to then watch bbc sherlock and come up with a reading that isn’t some form of absolutely queer as hell

remember that interview where harry said he’s only ever slept with two people?  that was so weird it’s almost like he was implying that he’s a mature young adult in a committed relationship instead of a womanizing boyish manwhore