chanyeol on exo 90:2014 episode seven preview

caraca-l said:

OH MY GOD please do me a favor and screenshot that scene where P'li and Zaheer and standing next to each other while Ming Hua hold the poor guy hostage so that the whole world can know thAT P'LI IS HUGE. SHE'S AT LEAST A FOOT TALLER THAN ZAHEER. SHE. IS. HUGE.


OMG SHE ISSSS.  That struck me when I saw it, too. XDD

cephalopodvictorious said:

It is, but imagine Bucky never touching anything dangerous when Steve is in the room. He won't cook with Steve in the room, he'll eat fruit or something if there is any, and it take Steve forever to notice. He won't shave if Steve is cleaning up in the mirror next to him. Steve doesn't notice that one right away either, assumes its a space thing. He doesn't even realize that Bucky won't clean his guns or polish his knives in front of Steve. Only Steve. Not until the day they come home (1/2)

from a mission and do dinner. It was a bad one, and the team sticks around for a while, but eventually they leave. Steve shuts the door and sees Bucky slip a gun he didn’t know he had from his pants and leave it on the table. Steve finally asks why and Bucky looks confused, tells him that he’s NEVER armed with his handler, only if there’s a possible threat. All the possible threats were gone now. Now its just him, and Steve is safe from him. He doesn’t understand why Steve’s face crumples. 2/2


when sherlock starts to really go grey john can tell it bothers him even if he just huffs and dismisses john pointing out his pepper hair and later that night when john sees sherlock frowning at his reflection john comes up from behind and runs his fingers through his hair and kisses his neck and calls him dashing and anytime it happens from then on out that’s what john does (and john knows sometimes sherlock does it on purpose just to goad him into affection but he doesn’t mind giving it at all especially if it makes sherlock smile)