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Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and I actually like it. That top picture looks like they will make her white/pale. Every Harley Quinn has been a little different, she still has the two colors and the diamonds. Margot Robbie did a great accent in Wolf of Wall Street, so I think she do Harley Quinn’s unique accent. 


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People saying they not gonna go see Civil War because Martin Freeman has been cast in it.
If you think I go to a Captain America movie for anything other than Chris Evans you are sadly mistaken.
There is honestly no casting that will make me NOT go see that movie.
Like, are you shitting me? Seb as Bucky, Mackie as Falcon, RDJ as Stark, Scar as Nat, Jeremy as Clint, AND we get to see Black Panther for the first time.
And my saviors, the Russo bros. are back in charge.
The only thing I’m worried about is that this movie will be so amazing I spend all of my money seeing it a ridiculous amount of times.
If you don’t want to see what may end up being a better movie than Winter Soldier, because of a problematic actor that’s your deal.
If this was a movie that was just about someone I don’t like then I probably wouldn’t go, but if you are seriously going to let one actor out of an outstanding cast deter you from seeing a movie, especially when he wont even be the main character, idk that’s just really stupid to me.
But until then, don’t hate on the people who still want to see it and don’t say they support what that person stands for if they want to see a movie about their favorite FICTIONAL character because they fucking enjoy Captain America movies.
Get out of my face with your hate.