I wanted to draw but had to unplug my tablet to run some backup, so I went for my sketchbook and ballpoint!

I was going to draw a Sollux but it wasn’t working out, so I just sketched this cutie instead. Sadly my rendition doesn’t do the original justice :< plushies by pukind!

If you don't like the idea of new people joining the Phamily just remember...

They’ll never know all the lols we had with Wikipocalypse, the inside jokes about Phil’s mom, the simple words like ‘zebra’ and ‘microwave’ that can make us wet ourselves, they’ll never understand that Dan smells and they should pass it on, they won’t know about Flatpocalypse, they won’t remember Dan’s square hair or remember how when Phil smiles he does that adorable thing with his tongue and they won’t ever know about the silly dramas we have now and again. I could go on forever, but I wont. We have to accept that more people are finding Dan and Phil. When they become massive radio presenters and hit 1 million subscribers we are the ones that can say we were there from the start<3