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You raised him well, Regina.

Friendly reminder this was most likely the first time someone ever told Regina she was a good mother and that she raised Henry well.

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okay so you basically asked me to come to you with this: Steve/Bucky White Nights AU. Steve is Baryshnikov, Bucky is Hines, Nat is Rossellini/Mirren hybrid, but platonic. I haven't figured out anything past that, but: BALLET. Steve and Bucky dancing angrily at each other. the ''get off your ass'' scene, with Steve AGGRESSIVELY STRETCHING right in Bucky's FACE. ''I CAN DO 11 PIROUETTES, GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY ASSHOLE'' oh god, oh god



the real question: does Steve have Baryshnikov’s White Nights hair

what i need by the end of this finale:

  • jemma to have her agency
  • jemma to not have been used as an ooc plot twist
  • jemma to be alive
  • jemma to be in control of her own mind
  • jemma to be very much not dead
  • jemma to not have been completely and utterly screwed over
  • jemma to have her agency

Tbh, despite I said Mink get so little love… sometimes I forget Mink is boyfriend with the least love  compared to other BFs because basically, most of DMMd blogs I follow are Mink fan blogs (or MinAo fans). Other than MinAo/Mink fan, I don’t really follow many pair-centered blogs, so like, I kinda think so maaany people love Mink. Mink get so much love. There are many MinAo fans and when I draw Mink stuff many people like it.

And again, I don’t follow many pair-centered blogs other than MinAo fans (So I don’t see NoiAo, CleAo, RenAo, or KouAo too often–they’re in same portion, I guess. And MinAo on my dash still more than those other pair because of reason).

So yeah. Sometimes I forget there are some people out there who hate Mink, lol. When I search doujinshi, there are only little of it. Also there is no MinAo scanlation. There are very little scans, but no scanlation, when we already have CleAo, NoiAo, RenAo, KouAo, and ViTriAo scanlations. Not that I hate it, I still read all of them. But that’s when I remember MinAo has so little love compared to other ship.

Eh, this is not a sad post tho. What I intended to say is, I’m happy following many of you MinAo blogs because it make me forget that MinAo is the least favorite boyfriend compared to other 4 o<-< And please do keep give him more loves \o\

I’m getting emotional idk why

I’m always like ‘I’m glad she’s happy and I wish her the best’ but honestly??? Fuck her lmfao

The underdog team won the game by a single point because they believed in themselves! What a creative dramatic twist!

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Why would you do that for me? | from Sooyoung to anyone of your choice! ^^ |

“I don’t want you to starve to death,” he explained, taking a few bills out of his wallet. “You don’t have to pay me back, but please don’t forget your wallet too often. Not because I won’t be able to pay anymore, but because people will start to ask me if you’re my girlfriend, and it’s going to be embarrassing for us both.”

I guess the thing that kind of really pisses me off about myself are all of these weird little… tics that I have? And how my body almost randomly decides to have them in public? I mean, I guess it’s okay if I ‘flap’ my hands when I’m happy or excited when I’m home but I’d appreciate if that didn’t happen at school, for example? People think I’m not feeling well and meanwhile I feel really good. Same with making various movements with my legs when I’m stressed? I feel like it brings too much attention to me and I really hate it? And the worst part is that if I try to control this, it kinda makes me feel… weird, like… I can’t really put it into words, it’s just unpleasant, I suppose? Hhhh, I used to be able to totally control all of these movements and now I’m just kind of… Phhh.