One thing I noticed about “This Is It” is that it really was MJ’s final goodbye to us, in a way. I know he intended to live longer than he did but I think about how many of the performances and other things he did in that film were some he hadn’t done in a while. It had been years since he rocked curly hair, years since doing the TDCAU drill, years since doing something for Bad

(I mean this move)


and the fact that Earth Song was his final performance…That entire film was too bittersweet

i hate that feeling you get when you’re not really sad but you’re not happy either, you just exist

Winning Over Winchester; supernovastiel [art by the-tanfsu]

Dean WInchester, a doctor from Lawrence, Kansas moves to a tiny coastal town in Maine in order to develop himself as a professional and to be closer to his Uncle Bobby. 

The people there, desperate to have another medical practitioner there so that their health care will improve, try their very hardest to impress the new young doctor and to win him over into staying there following his three month contract. 

He meets Castiel, a bartender at the local pub, and finds that he will probably take a lot less convincing than he thought. 

[to be posted: nov 6]


[In which Greed and Kimbley need to wash out their dirty mouths with soap.]


season four countdown
15. “The Smile”
"Don’t make me talk to him, Saul. I don’t ever wanna see him again. I’ve put all of that away.”


downton abbey season 4 rewatch: episode 8