In which Danny and Vlad give each other shirts from the same store.

I am cleaning out my WIP folder and tbh I think I had started this back in October and just forgot about it haha.

In the meantime enjoy these nerds! :>

Drabble: Mama Knows Best

“Can you write a Drabble where Mama C comforts Meryl? Sorry if this was too vague…” - Anon

Okay so since it was so vague it gave me a lot of wiggle room to work with. It’s just a short little drabble, so I hope you like it! Love you! Always.- J

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it’s actually very disheartening when you try to do something for yourself (like, to actually improve the quality of your life) and someone says you won’t have the time for it

iansweetfacegallagher replied to your post “@freehostedscripts y u no believe in me”

… or never has! haha :’) poor bb

pssst: i’ll write you some preggers!mick/dottingasshole!ian fluff tonight