A rant from my soapbox

There is something wrong with the fact that both ESPN and the NFL network are live streaming the Aaron Hernandez bail review hearing and not a single media news outlet carried the Wendy Davis filibuster with this much attention.  I wish women’s rights were this prioritized.  

 Can't Go Back - Valentina - Shelters {+} 

Valen said we could be friends! She was very kind and very pretty and I think I know how to build a shelter now. Out of wood, anyway. I hope there are trees in the arena. We pretended we were going to start our own company together. I wish we could. Valen seems really nice. I hope she’s okay in the arena.

 Fancy Running Into You Here! - Blake - Track {+} 

I had a good workout. I’m a fast runner, I think! Good at hiding, too. Papa always said the best tributes were the ones that had confidence, and those are the two things I am confident with. I’m not so good at stopping, though. I fell over and hurt my knees, which might be annoying in the arena. Blake was really nice and seemed concerned, though. She’s very pretty, too. I hope to get to know her better because my mun fell asleep and they barely got to interact.

 Wading - Joan - Swimming {+} 

Mermaid girl Joan is so beautiful and helpful! She helped me with my swimming. I’m still not great but at least I’m not flopping around like a beached fish any more. I really trust Joan, she reminds me of a sister. She seems lovely, too, and I hope to get to know her better because my mun fell asleep as always.

 Overall. {+} 

I haven’t met any scary Careers or anybody nasty yet, which is good. I might yell at them if I do. Everybody always says I can be very cute until I get angry. Martin Bugg knows it. I once broke his nose and now it looks all crooked and funny. Personally I think it’s an improvement to how it was before! I don’t want to kill anybody I’ve met so far, though. I don’t want them to die at all! Maybe if we all agreed not to kill each other in the arena the Games would be cancelled. I don’t think that will happen. I’m going to keep hoping, though. I also really need to learn some weapons. Maybe knives or something.

thefunstufflove asked:

* (`▽´)Ψ ☆ ⊙ ピ ♛ ಲ ✗ ⊙﹏⊙ メ の ᄇ ۞ ▼

*:When was the last time you tied your hair up? (if your hair is long enough)

Last week’s monday/monday two weeks ago. idk how to explain it hahaha

(`▽´)Ψ:Did you used to play hide-and-seek when you were little inside stores?

yes of course!

☆:Have you ever played games such as ‘Spin the Bottle’?

Maybe when I was very little…

⊙:Are you happy with where you are in life right now?

Idk, there are a lot of things I wanna change/improve about my self. But I’m happy so yeah… I guess.

I don’t like these kind of question bc I never know what to say sorry :(

ピ:Did you like Pokemon as a child?

Yes I liked it very much!!

♛:Do you like group projects?

No I really, really hate them. Especially when I have to be in a group with people i don’t know. And when we have to make groups our selfs, I’m always very stressed and nervous bc I’m always scared I can’t be in the same group as my friends and have to be in a group with people I don’t know. I really hate group projects.

ಲ:Headphones or earbuds?

Already did it. But yeah, headphones. ^^

✗:Walks on the beach or in a forest?

Beach, though it depends on where the beach is. If it is in some warm country then I would definitely say beach. But if it is a beach here in the netherlands, than I would say forest. Beaches here are fucking cold (the wind is cold most of the time and the water are freezing, even in summer) and they’re ugly.

⊙﹏⊙:Which horror movie scared you the most? If any?

IDK I don’t really watch horror movies. I already thought SJ’s mystery 6 was terrifying lmao, so yeah I don’t really watch them. I’ve only seen the wax house or something like that and scream. But I foung the wax house very scary.

メ:Cupcakes or muffins?

Cupcakes (I also did this one before, tho ^^)

の:Chocolate or Vanilla?


ᄇ:Have you ever broken a bone?

Nope and I hope I never will.

۞:What shows did you watch when you were a child?

I just watched almost everything what was  on disney channel (or however it’s called) and shows on nickelodeon.

▼:Could you live without the internet?

If I had to, then of course.

Thank you for asking!!! :)

On Hiatus Once More

The common tests are starting for me, and I'm afraid I will have to retreat from this beautiful internet world for a couple of weeks for the sake of my future. 

See you guys soo, and I’ll be returning with updates that are now half-completed.

Last Chance

I’ll be deleting my two OC stories tomorrow.

Snowy Dreams

Revival Kiss

Last chance to read them, people.

I’m really unhappy about these two fics.

They suck, and my OC’s a Mary Sue and a jerk. I change between POVs too much, and each chapter’s too short, and just junk. Seriously. I hate these two stories, I hate my plot, I hate my OC.

Oh, and about the OC called Natalya in Snowy Dreams.

She’s my friend’s OC. And I’m not happy with how I portrayed her.

Jamaia in Snowy Dreams is also my friend’s OC.

I’ve done her badly, and I don’t like how she turned out.

So there.

I’m deleting them.

All of this.

All of my memories.

My past.

Maybe, in the future, I’ll do another OC story again, but it’s a pretty slim chance.

My OCs suck.

I hate my old writing style.

I hate how I portray my friends’, and my own characters.

Heck, I don’t really like OC stories anymore.



It’ll be bye bye to Snowy Dreams and Revival Kiss.

I won’t regret anything.