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stallison: they're not exactly hiding their relationship but scott hasn't realized it. (he's kind of always been slow.) of course it's not by any normal means when he does.

It happens after killing the Nogistune in Stiles. It involves a ritual sacrifice that nearly kills Kira and they almost loose Isaac to the rogue spirit but in the end, they’re all okay.

Once Allison knows the coast is clear, she sprints to where Stiles is curled up on the floor, groaning in pain. She kneels beside him, checking his body for any injuries the demon could have given him before it disappeared.

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|DEEP SCARS| How abooouuut, both Burakhs, past and present. x3

When Burakh came back to the Slough that night, Daniel was sprawled out in the bed upstairs. Surprising, after the fight they had - Burakh made a big show of going to sleep in his workroom in the third district, Daniel threatened to rent one of the back rooms in the tavern (the ones that came with a free girl). But it was late, they were both being foolish, and Artemiy just wanted to lay with his lover tonight. He was too tired to bother hiding it. They were too old for this now.

Daniel watched him with one eye half-open. He had taken morphine. Burakh knew it immediately.

“Don’t. Not tonight.”

His voice was harsh and clipped, but he was begging him.

Artemiy sat down on the edge of the bed. A year or two ago he might have shot back at Daniel, told him that he just ordered his significant other to shut up and not ruin his high - but he understood oinon a little better now, how the drug left him like a raw nerve. Artemiy didn’t see what comfort there was in it. It seemed to make everything more painful. Maybe alongside that it made everything seem safer, more loving; or at least more distracting, too.

He lay down at his side and kissed his eyelashes, and Daniel made a small, grateful sound. He knew his thoughts. The fight is over, I forgive you, I won’t hurt you. I want to sleep with you in my bed tonight.

“Don’t go back to the Tower tomorrow,” Burakh said.

Daniel let out a long, shuddering breath. “Artemiy…”

“One night. One more.” He rested his hand over Daniel’s forehead. Daniel’s face relaxed at the touch. “Stay with me.”

He had had some kind of fit that morning. Maybe a seizure, Burakh didn’t know. He wouldn’t tell Artemiy anything. He heard about it from the children. Artemiy feared that if he went back into the Polyhedron so soon he’d never manage to come out.

“You don’t have to say yes,” Artemiy told him.

That was usually the quickest and best way to get oinon to agree with him.

Daniel nodded, almost imperceptibly.

Artemiy tried to turn Daniel to him, to hold him against his chest.

“Need to stay like this. Flat on my back,” he muttered.

Burakh nodded, drew back, and ran his fingers through Daniel’s hair. He liked for his hair to be touched, even if he was too sick or too upset to be held. Burakh ran his thumb down his forehead, his nose, tracing his fine profile. Even now, at his most defenseless, he seemed somehow elegant, composed. Daniel winced in nausea or overstimulation and Burakh drew back his hand.

“I love you, Daniel,” Artemiy told him. Daniel turned a little and made an odd motion towards his head, and Burakh helped him move into the fetal position, pressing his hands against Daniel’s temples, trying to ease whatever pressure he felt there, physical or mental.

“I feel sick,” Daniel said.

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1. We Go Down - Krewella

2. Hey Brother - Avicii

3. Solo - Demi Lovato

4. Every Time You Lie - Demi Lovato

5. This is Me - Demi Lovato feat. Joe Jonas

6. Red - Taylor Swift

7. Frame and Focus - Lights

8. Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

9. Codec - Zedd

10. Follow You Down - Zedd feat. Bright Lights

11. Fourth Dimension - Lights

12. Rock N Roll - Avril Lavigne

13. Check It Out - will.i.am feat. Nicki Minaj

14. Here’s To Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

15. We Love Like Vampires - Sparks the Rescue

16. Red Lights - Tiësto

17. Just Like a Pill - P!nk

18. Piano - Ariana Grande

19. So Far So Great - Demi Lovato

20. Open - Demi Lovato

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“Stefan, you missed a spot.” Rolling his eyes, Stefan turned his head slightly to the right, eying the spot he supposedly missed. It’s not even— sighing, he took a small step, painting over it once again. This was not what Stefan believed rehab would be like– not the second time around, at least. The first time, was less work and practically building Ostroff’s garden on their font lawn was not what he imagined to be helping his alcoholism. Sure, it kept him busy, and if that’s what they were aiming for, then it was certainly working. Before dipping his brush back into the paint bucket, proceeding to paint the picket fence before him, he heard his name being called from afar. He then dropped the brush before turning his head, an almost annoyed expression on his face. “Yeah?” 

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1 I like smelling books, the older they are the better.
2 I’m a chocolate freak, I’d eat anything as long as there’s chocolate in it.
3 I’m introverted and shy, it takes a bit to get to know the real me…but waiting patiently it’s worth it, I swear!
4 As you can see from point 3, I’m pretty bad at self-promoting lol
5 Since I got my driver’s licence, I’ve never been in a serious accident…my first car got wrecked because of my dad tho, a girl crushed into him.
6 I hate Facebook. I use it only when I have to, but usually after five minutes I want to throw my laptop out of the window.
7 Tumblr is my happy place; doesn’t matter how bad of a day I had, coming here always cheers me up.
8 I overthink things. Seriously, I can even stay awake all night if there’s a thought bugging me.
9 I’m a good listener, but on the other hand I find it pretty hard to open up. I’m a proud person and I don’t like others to see me weak or know my weaknesses.
10 I love going to concerts, it’s the only time when I can feel really free to do stupid things like dancing and singing in a loud voice, because I know nobody’s paying attention to me.
11 I’m a grammar nazi lol
12 An internet friend who lives far away from me once told me that talking to me every day became a natural thing for her, and that if we don’t talk to each other even for a day she feels like something is missing in her day. That made me happy beyond words.
13 I practiced karate for 8 years when I was little.
14 My best friend and I liked the same guy during our last year of high school…I know, that’s clichéd, but the funny thing is that at the end neither of us won him over, because he got back with his ex lol
15 I like eating ice cubes.
16 My dad and I are both Scorpios and when we’re in the same room together we tease each other like elementary school kids…my mom totally gave up on us.
17 I’m scared shit of losing my grandpa. He’s ill and he probably doesn’t have much left, but the idea that every time I see him could be the last tears me apart.
18 When I was little I broke my foot jumping in front of the shower, and a finger while sliding down the sofa. Seriously, I used to hurt myself in the stupidest ways lol
19 The first time ever a boy confessed to me I was like 8 years old, he got me by surprise and I was so scared I literally ran away from him because I didn’t know what to do or say.
20 I hate people who get all touchy while they talk to me. …”We’ve talked about this. Personal space?”

Passing the baton to anybody who wants to do it!
Things I'm currently in love with

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one song - All I Need by Awolnation. bc a smile is imporatant

two movies - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Guardians of the Galaxy

three tv shows - Supernatural, Black Books, 2 Broke Girls

four people - Jensen , Misha, RDJ and Helena Bonham Carter

five food - chocolate, muffins, bulgur, pourage, bananas

six blogs -  stillwithoutwings,  sherlockthebeautiful,  pxrdition,  trulydean, myblueeyedcas and hellhoundsatemybaby ofc. l know a few of you were already tagged, but it’s not my fault you’re perfect

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name: Maggie

age: 21

self photo:

jk here’s something…it’s not really mainly a picture of me more of my fat bunny and my blurry brother


food: wasabi peas, pasta, pasta, wasabi peas, and I like pasta a little bit too

drink: coffee and tea

book: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

movie: A Hard Day’s Night, Star Wars, White Christmas, The Prestige, etc etc

tv shows: Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Curious George

band:  too many basically just look at my blog and add in cheesy Eurodance and weird folk and you have me. All time, probably Beatles and Ramones.

school subject: History and stuff. Art. But since Im in college now, I haven’t started my classes for this semester, but I really really enjoy my archaeology classes and I’m taking one called Germanic Mythology. It’s online, but I’m excited even though I’m already stressed cause the syllabus is out and we already have projects :o

sport: American Football. to play and to watch.

male actor:. Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford

female actor: Right now I have a very big crush on Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff (I have a thing for Cylons and probably-not Cylons), but Rosemary Clooney is probably #1 I want to actually be her and dress like her and everything she is much inspiration


siblings:  Two little hosehead brothers

dream job: Spy

fears: Mostly other people and myself

religion: Pagan/Wiccan

tattoos: none

piercings: ears and nose

languages: English


reason behind my URL: My lotro character, Breanthir, whose last name in game is Laufeyson (obv because Loki), and I really really like Star Wars so Jedi. The whole thing is a play off of the lotro titles, “Breanthir Laufeyson the Wary, Breanthir Laufeyson the Unwise, Breanthir Laufeyson, Calm before the Storm” etc so I’m like hey why couldn’t he be a Jedi

why you joined: A friend my freshman year of college told me about it and it sounded like fun

first URL: “Breanthir-laufeyson-the-…something. I don’t remember. Hobbit, maybe?

# of blogs: Sooo many. Let me count active blogs. 11 that I actually update. Some but not all of which can be found on the side of this blog. that’s only a few. I ran out of link space lol

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[You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping.]

  1. may it be (enya)
  2. hate, rain on me (andrew jackson jihad)
  3. untrust us (crystal castles)
  4. take my hand (the creepshow)
  5. seven devils (florence and the machine)
  6. iron man (black sabbath)
  7. are we not horses? (rock plaza central)
  8. the strangest things (radical face)
  9. the hunted (snow ghosts)
  10. evil eye (franz ferdinand)

my music taste is ridiculous i’m so sorry

uh i have no idea who to tag.. if you wanna do this go for it!! 

Holy shit two people actually tagged me to do quizzes what in the hell

How did you guys know I’ve been looking for quizzes to do?

So anyways, the rules are as follows: I answer eleven questions, write eleven of my own, and then tag eleven people! (But this thing is long and I’m bad with coming up with questions so I’m… not)

1. When you go out in the rain, what is your optimal form of protection from the wet? (Or do you just not bother with any?)

I use my hoodie hood. It actually works pretty well, at times I haven’t even noticed it raining.

2. Assuming you would be able to survive with ease either way, would you rather live in a world of perpetual summer or a world of perpetual winter? Why?

Oh shit man this is like the question of questions, aaaah. I do a lot of walking and I really hate the cold so I’d have to say summer, but with winter you can make stuff and it’s nice and quiet ;; …………………………… MAYBE WINTER BECAUSE WOOD FIRES IN FIREPLACES this is getting nowhere

3. Favorite bird?

- Peregrine Falcon.

fuckin badass

4. How many covers do you usually have on your bed when you go to sleep?

Oh jeez I use so many you have no idea. I have this issue of being perpetually cold at all times and on top of that I like having a heavy blanket on top of me while I sleep so let’s see currently I have a sheet, fuzzy blanket, not so fuzzy blanket, heavy blanket and some weird ass thin cover sheet thing. So that makes 5.

5. Would you rather read all the way through a full-sized dictionary or thoroughly clean and reorganize your entire house from top to bottom?

Clean the house. Far more useful and involves actually doing something. I think my eyes would hurt after like 100 pages. xD

6. What is one type of music you will never be able to like and/or understand peoples’ attraction to?

- prrrrrrobably polka? Yeah pretty sure it’s Polka.

7. What is your favorite food you can buy at a fair? (Cotton candy, popcorn, elephant ears, hot pretzels, etc.)

- COTTON FREAKIN CANDY and it’s awful too because the last time I bought cotton candy I started associating colors with characters and bought “bags of shipping” with my comic partner and oh man it just got too ridiculous. We were giggling like idiots eating cotton candy. I don’t think I can ever look at cotton candy again.

8. Could you make it through an entire day with a blindfold on?

- I think that’d be pretty fun actually! Provided I had someone to guide me. xD

9. Would you rather travel by train or by sailboat? Why?

- Oh another hard decision. I’ve sailed before and it was wicked freaking fun but depending on the weather i might say train instead. Sailing can get pretty tiring, too.

10. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters? How did you like it?

- Wreck-it-Ralph. And yesss I loved it, it was the best movie I’d seen in a long time ;3;

11. Have you ever blown anything up? Tell the story, if so!

- Me personally? no but I watched Devo cause a firesplosion in an empty plastic vodka bottle and burn his own hand and I got blasted with a wave of heat? That was pretty entertaining.


Answering Evayo’s questions:

1. What is one talent you have that people envy you for?
-Uhm I guess drawing, which isn’t so much talent as much as it is practice and sheer stubbornness…

2. Do you maintain a steady sleep schedule? If so, when do you usually go to bed/wake up? If not, when would you prefer?
-I really try to make it in bed by 11 or 12 at night and then try to get up around 10. I usually miss.

3. If you could travel to any fictional land and/or city, where would you go?
- Wow why am I having a hard time figuring out a single one at all? Uhm, maybe the Digital World or Pokemon. Or Threads of Fate. haha… I really don’t have a good answer.

4. Have you ever broken anything precious to you or anyone else?
- I broke a wristband I really liked once. It still bothers me.

5. Are you a Baggins or a Took?
- Uh, not my thing.

6. What is one food or ingredient you don’t like (or are allergic to) that you honestly wish you could enjoy?
- Probably pepper. It’s just too much for me.

7. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have yet to accomplish?
- Get a webcomic up and running. The second project is always the hardest…

8. If you could bear witness to any moment in history, but couldn’t alter anything, what would you choose?
- Yasunori Mitsuda creating the soundtrack for Chrono Trigger. Talk about dedication to your work if you know the whole story.

9. How many times have you watched your favorite movie (or read your favorite book, if you prefer)? If you don’t know the exact number, give a rough estimate.
- … oh gosh what’s my favorite movie? Well I really enjoyed reading Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel, I used to borrow it from my high school library constantly and read it over and over. I’ve probably only read it about 3 or 4 times though since I don’t own the series…

10. What is one style of music you could listen to forever?
- Drum & Bass.

11. A pug with a fancy suit and monocle approaches! What do you name him?
- Sir Bertram.

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So I’ll be graduating in about a month. I can’t believe three years have passed so incredibly fast. It feels so weird, not to mention scary ‘cause I have no idea what to do with my life after that. But yeah, this is my weird not-prepared-for-the-exams-that-are-coming face.

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it'd be really cool if you made one!! i need to follow more snk blogs

i could always give you my favs ^^ though i follow those most in the fandom do - but I’ll make a blog roll in a bit, but for now I’ll give you these: 

kirschteinswaifu - literally my other half - Jean & Marco loving trash

jaegerbombastic - a lot of snk but with some other fandoms mixed in too ^^ like kuroko no basuke and such

koneko-eren - fee bby got some aesthetic but mostly snk

levis-undercut - i get a lot of my eru//ri from them c’: just recently followed but in love with this blog already

lullabylevi - i srsly reblog so much from them sometimes i force myself to chill ; but defo a blog with a lot of levi ^^

ereminions - literally the url but i will slowly convince her that jean//marco is superior //whispers ere//min is cute tho

avengingthelevisquad - she’s the mikasa to my sasha all bc of this v snk centric 

hardlevi - snk blog & she always makes v nice gifs that  i love alodnivgsdlkfbn 

hot-for-heichou - a lot of levi & ere//ri 

shingekinofuckoff - a lot of jean B)

sociallyanxious-jeankirschtein - a lot of jean//marco and jean x fav

i highly recommend all these blogs ^^ they’re some of my favs x

Tomorrow I start volunteering at this place and I’m nervous. It’s a really nice second hand kind of store that sells pretty quality furniture among other things. It’s small but all the proceeds are donated to those in need. Which is amazing, I’m glad I’ll be able to be a part of such it.

It’s just I’ve never had a job before so I don’t have experience with this kind of thing. I have to be there early so they can train me on the cash register and just ugh. I know it can’t be too hard, I just don’t want to look like an idiot. aha The customer part scares me even more, though, obviously since I’ve never had any. lol  I’m not a people person at all help

I know I’ll be fine, it’s just that it’s a new experience. One that I definitely need to have, though, because I’ll come out the other side a little stronger. Learning the cashier will definitely help me out looking for a job, though, so I’m really happy about that.

plus it’s only 3 hours since it’s my first day lmao. you can do this girl