I have so many versions of this post saved in my drafts, but I never got myself to actually post any until now.
so here it goes..
since its pansexual awareness day, I thought it’d be the perfect day to come out to everyone on here.
I’ve never been opened about my sexual orientation, mostly because I’m scared, but also because I’m not really familiar with my sexual orientation. all I know is that it’s not heterosexual. for a while I thought I was bisexual, but recently I realized that I might be pansexual, or at least I feel like one.
so right now, I identify myself as pansexual, but I’m not sure if I’ll do so forever, I don’t think I’ll ever be sure to be honest.
I’d appreciate it if you guys didn’t reblog this post, as it’s too personal for that. I would also like to ask the people I know in real life (if anyone is reading this from the future) to keep this a secret between us, considering it’s not safe for me to be out.
only one person knows about this, and now after pressing that ‘post’ button, everyone on tumblr will know too, which is okay with me. it’s been a heavy burden keeping this a secret to myself, and I’m glad that I don’t have to do that anymore.
I know I don’t owe this to anyone, and this can be dangerous for me in the long run (if my family found out), but I honestly can’t keep this in anymore.
so yeah, there’s my coming out post..
have a good night everyone

Was this productivity “Executive Suite” shit supposed to be some sort of April Fool’s joke? Cause it’s not fucking cool. I thought I had a browser hijacker and I’m sitting here running malware scans and Avast! scans. I’m pissed. That’s not cool.
(I’ll calm down in a minute.)