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↳“You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course. Stick to it, no matter the squalls.”


i have too many ocs i’m just gonna leave them here because that’s all i’ve been doodling lately

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hello~! i was worried that tumblr ate my message, but i just wanted to let you know that i finished the next chapter of the fanfic and i sent it to you! the title means "dont look for him" just so you know! hope you like it ehe. -mina

Got it! Thank you! uwu sorry my response is late, I kinda just popped on for the night real quick :’D BUT HOLY SHOOT THIS CHAPTER I LOVE THE EMOTION IN IT YOU DID WONDERFULLY!!!!!!!!!! AND DESMOND IS JUST SO WELL DONE AND LUKE, BABY, ;O;

One of my assignments this week was to find three articles that included qualitative and/or quantitative research on my research question. I found three great articles last night in record time, and was feeling extremely smug…until two hours ago, when I realized that two of the articles covered the same survey.

Which is not a problem, per se: I’m still on track for this week. However, I’m not going to be able to finish my review of the articles tonight because I had to wrestle with Proquest to find a substitute article which means I have to care about this post tomorrow and my life is so haaaaard

Hey guys

I was wondering if I were to upload a story on here, would any of you lovely people care to read it? I should probably note that it’s not a fanfic of any kind. Just a simple idea that I had, sorry. But anyway, if you would, could you let me know? I’m debating about making it public, but I’m willing to try. Anyway, thanks for listening to me stumble over my words for the last minute or so ^-^

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please never leave the zea fandom i love ur blog a lot

oh no i prob won’t be leaving ze:a’s anytime soon since they’re my gang of friends and k-pop justice fighters

but i mean like i’ve been busy with life/school that i really don’t have the time to maintain any of my blogs or social media accounts for really like the past year

also my blog is such shit lmao but whatever floats your boat thanks!! here’s a pic of my nephew for being such a doll

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how many prompts are you planning to write today and tomorrow? *-* just so I know how frequently I should check your blog ^^ have a good daaayyyy <3

I’m in the middle of writing one right now, and I’ll either continue writing all day today or I’ll decide to update my chaptered fics >.< I’ll have to see haha– I change around my publishing schedule a lot

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           This has got to be even more stupid than what Jiho had suggested when he was too drunk. Literally sticking his head into a bowl of bleach had to be even dumber than accidentally streaking or whatever else could have happened besides going out on his own for a walk and getting back with hair dye. It burnt his scalp- All the hell it was stupid it burned and fried on his head when he pulled it out. He groaned from the pain, holding a towel to his face.

          At once he took a deep breath of the cloth. If Jiho was still there to make sure Yukwon wasn’t knocking shot glasses everywhere, he probably would have stopped him from this but a part of it felt needed too. Necessary. To do something different and stupid. He fell onto his back and caught his breath after all the cursing from the pain of it. Kwon, with his hair turning yellow, blacked out there on the floor.

          His mind went blank for the night. He didn’t remember a dream or anything at all- He didn’t remember all the times he woke up to puke into the toilet or he didn’t remember holding a cold shower head over himself even as his clothes were still on and he didn’t remember how he passed out again in the tub, soaking wet and now blond.

          When he woke up as the sun was filling the hallways, the bathroom still one of the darkest in the house, he rolled over for his phone. He felt like he caught a cold all that very night and was sniffling a lot as he scrolled through phone numbers. He pressed on the number of an old friend, though someone he was trying to cut out for his own selfish and ridiculous reasons, he pressed it and sent a text. Come over and help me out, please.

          The memory started to fuzz with his hangover, head pounding harder than it’s been that night. Why did he just drink all the rest of that bottle- Jiho kept warning him to be careful as he actually chugged almost three quarters of it. Idiot. His arm drapped over his eyes and he sat in the gray light, falling asleep again; falling asleep and counting fish.

          How painful. How much pain had he been in for just a few days that the burning chest and headache didn’t compare. He seeked comfort he wouldn’t find in his dream. He felt like he was sinking under the weight of the ocean. He could have sworn a whole bunch of fish were actually staring at him, waiting to feast on his body. Something, anything, to take over.

          He was looking for something intimate when he was struggling to swim to the shore and catch air. There were a million forces pushing him down to drown but at least one thing pulling him up. That one thing- Made his heart burn. Where could she have gone? Even if Yukwon could grasp for ages and hold on with everything, she needed to be present too. Just sometimes. He just needed her to be okay and sometimes he needed to hide his face in her neck while it went on.

          The sound of the door opening and a voice woke him up, but he still felt like he was living the nightmare. His shirt was still damp, and damn his whole body was sore. His face burned and he felt like exploding. Some weight of the world was crushing him and he didn’t want to move. Even when the girl found him in the tub with his now stupidly blond hair, he looked through fuzzy eyes that were ready to overflow from it all. He didn’t want to do anything about it, he was still trying to grasp a light in a nightmare.

i have so many story drafts on wattpad for some p good plots but i never have any energy or feel motivated to plan and write them uhhhhhhhhhh