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Good Enough

I don’t get bother by many things.  I just don’t.  There are so much more positive things in the world to be grateful for that I don’t dwell on things that are negative.  But this tweet got to me.  I mean, it really got to me.  I sat there and wondered:  Why wouldn’t Caitriona be good enough for Sam?   Like why would this woman think this?  It couldn’t be physical attractiveness.  I mean Caitriona Balfe is gorgeous, anyone with eyes could see this, right?  So I thought about it some more and boiled it down to her personality and attitude. 

I’ve read over the course of the last few months from people’s responses, blogs, and comments about how Caitriona comes off (especially when it’s from people outside the Outlander fandom).  It really does irk me when they describe her as bossy and a diva.   Why?  Because the woman knows what she wants?  That she’s confident in own her skin to speak her mind- to easily notice bullshit and dismiss it just as quick.  If she were a man, she would be considered confident, a natural leader, not bossy or diva-like. 

Caitriona has been on her own since she was nineteen.  Do you know how brave you have to be to leave home, travel by yourself to places you know nothing of, and pursue a career that can be easily taken away just as quickly as it was given to you?  Or how about changing careers when you’re 30 years old especially in an unforgiving industry? 

This woman is smart.  I don’t know about her finances and honestly, I don’t care but let’s think about this:  she’s saved enough for two years to live comfortably in LA while she went to acting classes.  She’s also very funny (a sure sign of intelligence in my book).  She has a comeback for everything.  Whenever she speaks, she does it with class and nothing really catches her off guard (with the exception of Sam trying to get a giggle out of her).  She has manage to say nothing about her relationships.  Do you know how many interviews she goes through on a yearly basis and nothing, nothing comes out?  Nothing fazes this woman.   

Just watch her interact with the press on the red carpet.  Notice how her handler stands back and lets Cait do her stuff.  Her handler knows she doesn’t need to cut off the press; Cait is able enough to put them in their place.  If Cait comes off as intimidating as fuck, then that’s your problem really, not hers.  She’s 35 years old and she doesn’t play the bullshit game.

She’s extremely loyal and supportive.  I mean, she’s kept the same circle of friends for years and all this fame…she has credited it to them. 

So why?  Why wouldn’t she be good enough for Sam?  Physical attractiveness aside, she’s smart, loyal, brave, and confident.  It seems to me, anyone would be lucky to be with her.  It seems to me, she would be just as lucky too, because all in all, Cait wouldn’t settle for anything less than what she is.  She knows what she deserves.  She damn well knows she’s good enough. 

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Hey Whitefoxclub, I was wondering if you ever got in trouble for drawing. I read somewhere (I think on deviantart) that you were homeschooled, but I go to public school and sometimes I get in trouble for drawing. :/ I was curious if anyone else has the same problem.

Hey there =) I understand exactly what you mean, I attended school up until the age of 8, that’s when I began homeschooling. But while I was at school, I was told off by my teachers for drawing (even during playtime) And one time I was put in detention for it (I mean, what the actual hell?) I hope that kind of carry on doesn’t get to you, I know it reinforces negative and guilty feelings that tend to effect you every time you draw. This is how I feel, anyway.  

My parents have always been encouraging of my art, but because they worried for my future (career and income wise) , they weren’t exactly supportive of my artistic ambitions. Luckily I was determined and stubborn enough to continue drawing, even while studying something out of the subject or working a normal job. 

I think it is a common issue for most artists, that they’re given the ‘devil’s advocate’ treatment; thanks to the stereotype that artists are poor.  

So I guess the bottom line is, don’t give up on what you love doing. No matter how anyone else makes you feel about it. You have your responsibilities but that doesn’t mean you should stop pursuing your passion, even if it’s on the side!

Sorry for the ramble, I hope this answer is helpful =) 

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Hi so I saw ur tag on the 'enjolras is straight' post and I was wondering what happened in 2013??


The truth is, I’m probably not the best one to be sharing this story. Anyone else who wants to add, reblog this or send a message.

You see, in the summer of 2013, I was just becoming a part of the Les Mis fandom (on tumblr- in general I had been in the fandom since March or so). I was a Fandom Baby with a love for not Enjolras, but Javert. I had read the book, but hadn’t gotten too much out of it, especially in relation to the Amis.

So here I am, trying to figure out this fandom and the characters and stuff, when a fight emerges on my dash. Every other post is either praising Enjonine, or angry messages about how the ship is homophobic, and if you ship it you automatically hate The Gays™. 

This of course led to battles between whether Enjolras is gay (because Grantaire!), or straight (because “enjonine is amazing!1!1!1!!!!1!”). 

And the 2012 movie with beautiful Aaron Tveit and Samantha Barks led to a lot of people shipping them, hence “making Enjolras straight” because obviously bisexual people don’t exist, right?

And I’m sitting there at my computer, feeling vaguely terrified and confused as to how shipping these two characters I barely knew made people homophobic.

The end.

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thank you so much for these spoilers I'm having a hard time trying to stay calm and not freak out arjkrmsbrka thank you ❇ thankyou thank you!! BUT I was wondering if you knew about the upcoming cabin fever episode? It literally has loads of sonamy from what I heard at the live reading omg :) Be sure to warn me lil thank you a billion times again ❇

I have not heard anything about the “Cabin Fever” episode - I’m sorry! As always, I’ll let you guys know when I do. 

For anyone who is not aware, it is an upcoming episode that entails Sonic and co. discovering a fanfiction that Amy wrote about them. Someone that attended the ‘Sonic Boom’ live table reading was nice enough to write a transcript of what was said: 

Spoilers underneath the “Read More” tag. 

NOTE: The “Puppy Con” episode IS A LEGIT EPISODE and will air in the near future. Why? See below. 

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So I just finished reading this fic call Saving Mom and in it Emma was the only person Regina had been with aside from Leopold. Regina didn't know what an orgasm was and then she realized she didn't know anything so she googled it and it was funny but also adorable. I was wondering if you know of any others similar to that?

I don’t know any others like that. Does anyone else?

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Ok so i'm really happy for all the supergirl gifs cause yay everything is wonderful and perfect and dorky and wow so great! but like i need more supergirl things to hold me over until to show premieres is there any other source material so read or watch like comics or shows or movies??? thank u !!!! c:

Here is a masterpost with the comics and the download links

And here is a page with all the movies + backstory of Kara

Hope this helps :)

If anyone else has more links feel free to reblog and add. 

I’ve been wondering something ever since I finished reading Tokyo Ghoul.

Why aren’t people angry at Rize for trying to eat Kaneki? If she hadn’t fooled him then his life wouldn’t have been ruined.

Why aren’t people angry at Nishiki for trying to eat Hide? I haven’t seen anyone complaining about this.

Why aren’t people angry at Touka for trying to kill Kaneki in the beginning? If it wasn’t for Yoshimura then Kaneki would’ve been dead a long time ago. Why aren’t people angry at her for trying to kill Kimi? If Kaneki didn’t stop Touka then Kimi would’ve been killed.

Why are people only angry at Tsukiyama for trying to eat Kaneki? I’m not excusing the things he has done but seriously… this is a horror manga about ghouls – creatures that eat the flesh of others to survive. Pretty much every single character has tried to eat/hurt/kill someone.

The important thing is that Kaneki forgave all of them. He forgave Rize. He forgave Touka and Nishiki. And he also forgave Tsukiyama.

You want proof that he forgave him? Here.

(1) When Tsukiyama came to the rooftop and claimed that he doesn’t want to lose his “meal”, Kaneki didn’t say anything. What did he do instead? He apologized. Why? Because he knows how Tsukiyama really feels. He knows that Tsukiyama isn’t sad about losing his food – he’s sad about losing his friend.

(2) Even though Kaneki stated that he doesn’t trust Tsukiyama, he still said that having him as a comrade wasn’t bad.

(3) Another big proof that Kaneki has forgiven Tsukiyama is that when he “dies”, he sees the faces of people, important to him – Touka, Banjo, Hinami, Yoshimura, Nishiki and Tsukiyama.

Kaneki is the main character of this story and all of the readers can relate to him the most. That’s why when Kaneki forgave Touka, Rize and Nishiki for what they did to him, so did the readers. Kaneki also forgave Tsukiyama. But why can’t the readers forgive him?


Part 4 of A Tale of Two Rulers! (aka, my random zelgan headcanon)

For those that are new, here are the links to the previous comics! :)







Also, thanks so much to all the people that have sent me their supportive comments and fun story speculations! I love to read what you guys think and predict!

So now I have a new question for you all:

What do you think is up with Link during all this?

Again, just for fun. I wonder if anyone will guess it right...  Feel free to toss out ideas that are ether silly or serious. I’ll post a few on my page and respond to all that I can. (If you send me a note as an anon though, I can’t respond privately, so keep that in mind. It limits my options as far as a response goes. And I promise I’m nice, so no need to feel shy. ) :)

Love you guys and I hope you like this newest addition to the series. More to come in a couple days.

Headcanon II - Necessitated Stoicism

Many believe that Mikasa is a cruel and uncaring human being, aside from her interactions with Eren and Armin.

This is only partially true. 

Regardless of her outward impassiveness, there exists a colorful range of emotions constantly running through her. However, given how she views the world based on observations and personal experiences, she understands that emotions can be detrimental to survival. She largely views them as a burden and a handicapping element to human nature and, as a result. she attempts to keep them all as subdued as possible. 

This is a choice she is constantly faced with on a frequent basis and, at times, she honestly considers breaching her belief since, ultimately, she is human. This is the only way she can see herself surviving the brutality of reality and she admires Eren for his ability to prosper while constantly indulging in his emotional appetite.

Despite the negligence of her own emotions, she is very conscious of other people’s. However, her handling of that subject is quite morphed and honest to a fault. She is ruthlessly honest and believes that such honesty is preferable to any other alternative (though there are exceptions). This in itself shows that she does care for others, but only to an extent. 

Throughout the course of her life, she has learned to create distance between herself and others. A psychological wall, so to speak, which only Eren and Armin have been able to penetrate. So while she may consider other people friends, she will likely never consider them close and she will not hesitate to sacrifice them for the only family she has left. It is in this that she can be seen as selfish.

And she frequently despises herself for having become this way, but she has accepted it and will likely show no remorse. There are no alternatives in her mind. 

Calling Xn’ iira Fans

I am preparing a massive update set for May 1st. Hopefully that will fill you in on everything you would like to know and even with mini comics, Not just doodles! Sorry for the long wait X3!! Can’t Wait to see you there. 

“Welcome to our World” update set for May 1st, 2pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)

True. I have pursued a career in sock inspecting. It’s good income. But the truth is ever since I was young, I always wanted to be a tangerine taster. Travel all around the world and take large chunky slobbery bites out of peoples’ tangerines, skin and all, and hand them back. Each and every tangerine, thoroughly approved by an honorary taster- for the safety of our people, for tomorrow. What a life.

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Okay loves, I just wanted to take a quick minute to explain a bit one of the reasons I haven’t been my usual positive self quite as much.  There are some personal things that I won’t get into and I’m working on, but one of the other things is my dad.  He’s older, but not old enough to be experiencing the sudden pain, difficulty moving, and other issues that have come on quicker than they should have. I am not posting this to look for any sympathy, I’m posting it because you’ve all been so incredibly wonderful and I love coming on here and encouraging all of you and sending love wherever I can, and I feel badly that I haven’t been doing so as much and thought I’d explain a bit partially why.  My mom has some of her own health issues, so between the two of them it’s really taking a bit of a toll on me.  Do I think it’s anything life-threatening? I’m thinking and hoping not.  But it’s still scary to think his quality of life may be taking a quick downward plunge, especially with how much Leyton adores him.  He’s with doctors as I write this getting some tests, and I’m hoping for the best.

I’m sorry to ramble, but it’s been eating at me also that I haven’t been my “usual” self, and don’t like to go unexplained. My other things I will work on, and get there I’m sure- and I promise you that no matter what is going on, I am always here for you if any of you need.  Always <3  Love you guys so much. 

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1. edible cookie dough

2. my closest family and friends

3. fantastic tv shows and the actors that act in them

4. fictional characters

5. good music

6. pizza

7. clothes fresh out of the dryer

8. the smell of rain and the outdoors

9. writing (when it isn’t too stressful)

10. oversized sweatshirts

11. fuzzy socks

12. cooking food that actually tastes good

13. summer

14. disney world

15. animals

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