i wish i had a relationship like this


No seriously, after crying for the past 3 weeks because of the fairy tail chapters. It was nice to have such a good and amusing one. 

Hans/Anna week 
↳ Day Four: Swordfight (deleted content)

All memories were good memories, to be completely honest. And… Well… I really don’t like to, erm… Think too much about it, but yes… I miss him dearly.


Parvati:I’m so glad I’m with you.
I know. Me too. There’s no other person here I’d rather be here with. 

Aboard a Shakarian Ship

Kasumi’s the first to notice it, though that’s hardly a surprise. People see the thief and think all she’s interested in is their credit chits and bank accounts, but Kasumi’s been in this business long enough to know that 10 out of 10 times it’s the secrets that are the most valuable thing, worth far more than any painting or pretty bauble. “Word on the ship is Garrus really likes you,” she whispers to Shepard one day. She never says she’s the one who put it there.

Miranda ferrets it out next. The ship’s business is her business, after all, and so when the ship’s captain begins fraternizing with one of the crew members it’s not long before Miranda’s got every single side-long glance or late night ‘strategy session’ between the two catalogued and compiled into one neat report – a report she deletes soon after the Omega Relay, along with whatever loyalty to Cerberus she had left.

Turians are goddamn hard to read, but Zaeed’s killed enough of them to know the basics by now. Love’s not all that different from terror, really, and seeing the way that kid stares at Shepard makes him miss Jessie all over again. Goddamn fine girl, that gun, he thinks as he watches the two of them trade looks more loaded than any rifle.

Thane recognizes it through the barrel of a sniper rifle, unsure at first if the siha between the target and the gun is real or memory. But no, this is a new warrior-angel standing tall in the eye of the scope, and a new disconnected soul being awoken from his battlesleep by the fire in her eyes. Thane smiles, watching as history replays itself before him in an all new way.

The unit referred to as “Legion” acknowledges but does not fully comprehend the development between Shepard-Commander and Garrus Vakarian. Data available on such behavior between opposing species is limited, and a consensus regarding approval or disapproval cannot be attained. However, knowledge of historical organic mating inclinations in general suggests that relationships with similar parameters have high probabilities of resulting in emotional and physical well-being for both participants. 

Grunt may be fresh out of the tank, but he’s not stupid. He doesn’t know what his Battlemaster sees in the turian – a damn turian of all things– but he doesn’t really care either. Vakarian’s a part of her clan, and Grunt knows that the turian can carry his weight in battle. That’s all that matters as far as the krogan’s concerned.

Samara has had many lovers, and though centuries have passed since the last she still remembers the words of passion almost as well as she does those of the Code. They are subtle, heard in the corner of a shy smile or in the movements of nervous hands, and so easily missed, but they are there, and Samara smiles for the two who have found joy amidst so much darkness.

Mordin, of course, deduces it almost before it happens. Intense physical attraction always a logical explanation for such symptoms: mutually elevated heart-rates when in close proximity, increased blood flow to facial regions, resulting in a flush-like tinting for humans and sporadic mandible twitches for turians – all basic chemical reactions, really. Still, nice to see. Helps remind him what they’re fighting for, that there’s more to life than the big pictures.

Jack doesn’t give two fucks about who Shepard fucks, so when that person turns out to be some spikey ass alien all Jack does is roll her eyes. Figures someone as weird as the commander would have a fucking kink like that. Probably into biting and shit too.

Tali’s seen Fleet & Flotilla more times than anyone she knows, and that’s at least twenty more times than what she’d have needed to in order to see what’s going on right in front of her helmet. The two of them are as giddy as a quarian child with a new suit when they’re around one another, though she admits that the analogy isn’t completely fair – after all, even the youngest quarian could come up with better pick-up lines than the ones Shepard and Garrus are throwing around. In the end, all Tali can do is shake her head and mutter bosht’ets under her breath and be glad her helmet’s dark enough to hide her smile.

Jacob’s one of the last to know, never guessing that there’s more between the two old friends than just their kill counts and inside jokes. But then he catches the way their hands brush close when they think no one’s looking, and Jacob grins. It figures, he thinks to himself. Only the Commander would go for an alien on Cerberus ship.


Dov Epstein Appreciation Week Day 1:  Favorite Ship

"The only thing wrong with her is that she’s not you.  I mean, if she was you or if I was Chris, I’d believe in luck of the soul, the possibility of anything.  And I’d marry you.  I would.  And we’d open our presents on Christmas morning, not Christmas Eve.  And I’d take a desk job.  I hit 50.  I lose my hair, my mind, listen to jazz, embarrass our kids.  Our kids with their straw-colored hair and your eyes I’d wake up every morning and wonder at my dumb, dumb, dumb luck.  

If I was Chris.”


"Never Met You" - Tom Law [Original Song!]  

For all of you internet love birds out there! Your love for each other is so beautiful and could break the strongest of solids.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 16