Leaked footage of the Doctor Strange movie. Fantastic casting.

Things I still want to do:

  • Work at a flower shop, I think I will take flower arranging classes next semester. 
  • grow my hair down to my waist and sit in a bathtub and pretend I am a mermaid. 
  • Go back to Shanghai and work at a tea shop and make adorable pastries. 
  • Sustain myself by selling books. 

reusperfortuna replied to your post: reusperfortuna said:Ryuuji gaped …

Tongue-tied, he attempted to speak although he only managed to get a few unintelligent syllables out. He took a deep breath, feeling significantly more calm. “Wha—?” Points at arm.

He tried to keep the smile on his face, though eye contact remained nonexistent for the moment. He could only imagine the expression on Ryuuji’s face right now—- And he couldn’t stand to look at it right now. ❝Guess when I’m taking care of things, I can’t always get away without a scratch, ya know?❞


I want an equal relationship. I want you to hold me but I also want to hold you. I want people to wonder who is the more dominant one because they can’t tell from the way we act. I wanna ride on top for a little & then she can take over. Hold me from behind because you’re tall but let me just rest my head on your back while my arms are around your waist. Let me buy you things like chocolates & roses but also please buy me pretty things to show off how amazing you are.